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  1. i wil check the gas cap next time it happens. most likely today lol. I have not cleaned the MAF sensor. i can try to clean it up today and see if it makes a difference.
  2. Yes. On cold start it starts up everytime. Do you know if theres a way to check if charcoal canister is functioning properly? I have a check engine light on for upstream 02 sensor thats all.
  3. I have cleaned the throttle body and replaced the fuel filter. Went to get gas and had a hard time starting again. The idle just dies and pressing the gas to raise the idle has no effect. Opened the hood checked battery terminals and seemed solid. Closed the hood and it started right up? Im really confused on whats going on.
  4. Did you ever fix it? Im having the same issues. Took it apart first time reconnected wires and it worked for 2 days. Again took everything apart and took off bulbs and cleaned contacts. Worked fine for just few hours. Now its back to square one with no lighting on rpm and temp gauge side.
  5. Have a intermittent no start issue on my 2002 pathfinder. I went to start it up after stopping the car for 5 mins and engine wouldnt hold the idle and dies within 3 seconds.i checked the battery connections and everything seems fine.i had the phone plugged in for the 5 mins. I turned off all accessories and started right up after. Battery is brand new. I took the guage cluster off today to fix a intermittent bulb not lighting up issue which seems to work but the moment it wouldnt start the repaired side went out. Not sure if its related.has anyone had a issue like this?
  6. Holy crap thats a good looking Pathfinder. Good job!
  7. The radio seems to work fine but it could be that front channels are bad i guess. I will check the amp to see if theres any issues with that. First ill try to see if im getting power to the speakers. Do you happen to know if the rear cargo are blue relays ( next to amp) are related to the radio?
  8. Oh thats good to hear. Changing the filter isnt the most fun project on this. Specially the 3 screws under cooler line. Im more than happy to change it every 15k. Specially when valvoline maxlife is so cheap. thanks for the tip on dipstick trick. I will try it tomorow on a cold level.
  9. So i had a battery drain issue that linked to the radio ( which never turned on). I replaced it with the same bose unit i found at a junkyard. After connecting only the rear speakers work. Front door speakers and tweeters have no power. i did some digging and and ended up at the rear drivers side cargo area panel. Ive seen online that theres 2 blue relays and mine only has one. The connector is just hanging on the other. Are these related to the radio by any chance?
  10. Thats true. Im actually planning on doing that next weekend. Worst part is reaching the 3 bolts thats covered by the cooler line near the pan. But needs to be done anyway. In also having a hard time reading the fluid level on this dipstick.
  11. Finally got around to changing the tranny fluid and diff fluid. Tranny fluid wasnt too bad and it went pretty smooth except for forgetting to put the magnet back on?. Still having a hard time getting the fluid level read properly. Diff fluid came out nasty. Went with royal purple and noticed a night and day difference. Most likely because the old fluid was pretty bad. Car rides super smooth now. Planning to change the transmission fluid in about 5k miles which i will put the magnet back on.
  12. it was one of those things i totally forgot to replace. which is why i was looking into a magnetic drain plug. looks like its a no go. the magnet wasnt too bad when i cleaned it. so im thinking tranny wasnt dirty to begin with. as for new cars, i replaced transmission fluid on my 2015 Jag xf with lifetime fluid. The plastic pan has 2 magnets inbuilt and the job was alot easier than the pathfinder. would sticking the magnet from outside help in any way at all?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. looks like its an online part. ill try to get one ordered up. looks like installation isnt too bad. much better than reinstalling the pan.
  14. i changed the transmission fluid anf filter over the weekend. buttoned everything up and found out i left the Magnet outside ?. would it be safe to drive? im looking for a magnetic drain plug but havnt had luck finding one.
  15. Thanks for the reply. For the transmission i believe valvoline maxlfe and castrol muliti should work. Is there a preference?

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