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  1. Great info thanks! I’ll most likely do that. Really don’t want too have to relocate or extend anything if I can get away with it.
  2. So if it’s a suspension lift like this one, is less relocating and extending required? New to this .
  3. Looking to get this kit, however is it required when installing the lift to relocate the bumper and extend the fuel filler etc? In the description below you’ll see what I’m talking about
  4. Yep my first car was 90 pathy and I was going everywhere my friends couldn’t. Looks like he’ll get the privilege to do the same !
  5. Once the kids older and wants to help, waiting on the day. Lol
  6. Found a new 4x4 naptime route today
  7. Thanks for the great advice. I will give that a try. The ignition switch seems more plausible. The whole key tumblr is quite loose in the steering column
  8. The 94 intermittently does a no crank no start. When it doesn’t do it, it starts up great and normal. Was reading because of where and how the oil filter sits, you can easily drip oil on the starter when changing it, and mess with and wear the contacts, and result in what is exactly happening with mine. It would make sense since I unfortunately because of time sake (2.5yr old takes all my time) got my oil changed at Valvoline. Which I’m sure they wouldn’t care to take any preventive measures to get any oil on the starter. Am I out to lunch, or is their any bit of validity to this?
  9. It is! I waited around for months. Got it it from a guy who inherited from his mom, who got sick in 94 and had never bought a new car and decided to buy this. Technically a 1 owner lol
  10. Sold my 99 to my dad and picked up a 94 with 117k.
  11. Thanks for the input I can now fully relate to all you described. Found them under the seat. Going to give them a try tomorrow. Had no luck with my Frankenstein spark plug socket extension set up lol.
  12. Changing plugs and wires on my 3.3. #6 is notoriously hard to remove and replace. Did some research online and several people were saying there is a spark plug removal tool that comes factory under the seat along with the jack. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. @Slartibartfast possible it could be the tps sensor going bad or seated properly? Drove it today for a short minute and was shifting fine. Also this video really helped. Someone commented about there’s not shifting right when their tps wasn’t seated properly.
  14. Yeah fluid level color and smell are good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. My 99 XE's transmission just started severely slipping. Started on the free way. If I would step off the gas completely, then lightly step back on, assuming a healthy transmission would stay in the same gear, it would temporarily downshift, then return to 5th , or overdrive. Then it quickly got worse, instead of downshifting it would slip and act like it was in neutral. By the time I got to work, it was hardly able to stay in any gear without slipping. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with anything electrical given that it seemed to come on so suddenly. Any thoughts?
  16. Scoping out Santiam Forrest. Can’t wait for summer time here.
  17. Scoping out Santiam Forrest. Can’t wait for summer time here.
  18. No problem. For personal peace of mind I would change it. And maybe change it twice like he mentioned. I know there is controversy on a total flush loosening things and causing more problems than solving anything, and I would agree with that. In my personal conclusion 2 changes contrary to a single flush and then using LubeGard is a safe bet.
  19. Cool I’ll try it on the laptop

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