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  1. Still in the box[emoji2357]
  2. Finally got some time to go check out the condition of the trails. Hoping for a fun summer!
  3. Definitely. With the enlisting of the old man we’ll get it done.
  4. lol right? I stopped asking my self similar questions when I found this is how they spell optional throughout the instructions.
  5. Where did you get the bull bar that goes on the stock bumper? Make/model?
  6. There is definitely some sort of electrical gremlin tied into the headlights, but the idle is much better and no random surge anymore. Consistently idling much lower. [emoji106]
  7. Bird Brain moment… Vacuum line by the worst spark plug known to the automotive man. It was undone. . I can remember a lot of swearing replacing that spark plug and amidst the blunder I must have pulled it off it’s seat. Slipped it back on, normal idle headlights on or off [emoji2357] thank you guys for the vast array of info and knowledge though!
  8. Nothing in the motor. Just suspension. Alternator id have to look at but it could very well be from 1994 lol
  9. I’ll have to test some more of those theories. It does seem to be most significant change with turning head lights on and off. Air con and other systems do affect it but seem in the expected range but nothing as much as the headlights. . Cold start systems seem to be fine. Starts high and lowers as it warms. Foot on the brakes in drive and reverse it’s in normal 800-750 range. It’s not rough when it’s high or low. Runs smooth. I forgot something in my house today and heard it idle up randomly while I was in the house with nothing on (fans, headlights etc) to the 1100 range I’m talking about and stay there. I know in park and neutral it’s supposed to idle a little higher, but not this high. It sounds like a very light weight ghost is lightly pressing the accelerator and keeping it there lol. I’ll start with inspection and wiggle test tomorrow, and also see if I can get a video. Thanks for all the info!
  10. I’ve always had a higher idle and I’m pretty certain it has to do with IACV partly, but there is another weird aspect to it. It idles high, and when I turn on the headlights, the idle comes down 500ish rpm and holds steady. I think there is some sort of electrical gremlin as well as the IACV needing to be done. Thoughts? Is there a known thing in this department with these? Thanks in advance.
  11. If I remember correctly, I don’t think they marked them up to insanely, in comparison to some places. I shopped.
  12. 24-184908 are the rears. -4600 series. I’ll have to remember the fronts. I actually have Gabriel’s on the front for now because as you can see in the link that front shocks ship next month. Bilstein has had a super shortage on the front shocks for some reason. 4x4parts is always hesitant to give you part numbers because they want you buy with them.
  13. Yeah I and I don’t have “problems necessarily they are just heavy duty and ride a little stiff on road. Off road, less stiff. This is the kit on it: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981182-pathfinder-deluxe-suspension-package-with-bilstein-shocks-with-black-coils-and-black-torsion-bars.html
  14. Way better than before, little stiff, but great with a light load in the back.
  15. I run a company that advertises vehicles for dealerships. Threw the pathfinder in the booth today for fun!
  16. Did some shaking down this weekend, and so far so good.
  17. I do agree with y’all, it’s must be from growing up with a father that’s been in auto parts since 1979 always telling me how certain brands were the same quality part with different name. Basically, (don’t over pay for stuff. ) Certain things are you get what you pay for scenario, some are not. I get it. However, I’m just now getting him to understand it pays, to pay for quality food. Lol
  18. Hell it’s just nice to know and feel suspension that isn’t almost as old as me. For the rack, I think it would it would have to come with the tent, and a hot chick with a rack for that much[emoji2960] lol
  19. Only thing left to do is go have fun.
  20. Come to think of it there is swearing regardless when dads in the truck whether it’s taxes, potholes, or the damn kids these days. Lol Funny you mention that. I had that thought taking stuff apart yesterday about orientation. Would be ideal if switched. Don’t think the juice is worth squeeze on that one.
  21. I agree it definitely looks better tucked, and the mount is adjustable so I can tuck it if preferred. I just found that the shifter heavily obstructed use when it was tucked in. My dads usually in the passenger as the map maiden while I’m watching for cliff edges and tree stumps lol. So I’ll leave the swearing to his side of the vehicle. [emoji2960] Pivots are locked with your basic screw points. I did a test run up the street, and our streets here are worse than most trails tbh and it’s holding up so far. I’ve got a few ideas if that does start to happen though.
  22. Definitely. I don’t get too far out in the sticks with the kids being as young as they are. Works for now. I know Utah where I grew up like the back of my hand for the most part, not here however. I’ll keep what your setup is in mind for anything in the future!
  23. Went as cheap as I could find. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0B421845R?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title I’ve got trails off road, and OnX. I just download the area I’m going when I have service, and it stores it on my phone for when I lose signal. Just have to make a mount for my Bose Speaker. I’ve been using that because the speakers currently don’t work, and I do NOT care enough to open that can of worms. Lol
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