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  1. 7 hours ago, willaay said:


     I definitely paid a nostalgia premium for the car but I'm okay with it haha

    Nothing wrong with that! I just bought back my '86 2 door that I sold 4 years ago, and paid twice what I sold it for, and probably twice what I would have paid if it wasn't my old car.

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  2. If you've ever had your headliner out and had a look inside the roof, you wouldn't put much on there! There is no reinforcement except 2 thin pressed steel braces that bolt in. If you make your own rack, keep the mounting points as far out as you can, closer to the fold above the rear windows.

  3. Checking the oil about a week ago I noticed all of these cracks in the engine fan:




    Probably not too far off letting go!

    Found a new OEM blade, not an easy part to find these days, although I am sure there are other 80s nissans that could donate a 2nd hand one. 





    Another job ticked off the list. Next is to build a battery tray and get the 2nd battery back in (another thing the PO removed) and fit my fridge/freezer in the back. 

    Going out to chase the yella tomorrow, looking forward to it. 

    Stay safe all. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:

    That Ford Patrol is hilarious. Yeah, just slap a badge on it, nobody will notice it's not really a Ford. Maybe pull the side cladding off, too. Yeah, there we go. Totally different.


    It was very common for marques to do badge swaps here in Australia through the late 80s - Nissan swapped that with Ford Australia for the ford ute:

    How a Ford Falcon ute became a Nissan The Ute | CarAdvice

  5. They're not hard, you'll need a G clamp or some large multigrips to push the pistons back in the calipers.

    Definitely repack your bearings and do your hub seals while you're in there.
    A good mechanic with a shop and hoist could do the whole shebang in a couple of hours.

    Download a FSM and find a mate that will give you the use of their driveway for an afternoon. 


    Also, if your mechanic finds this task "very difficult", I'd be looking for another mechanic that knows what on earth they are doing. 

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:

    Clean rig! And yeah, I hear you on the carrier, they do get in the way sometimes. I've hitched up a trailer and gotten it all hooked up and then realized the carrier's open and won't shut because the trailer's in the way.

    Haha, yeah or you need to remove the spare to unhitch the trailer.....

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  7. I'm running a 32/36 weber on a Z24, it's been reliable, easy to tune, easy to start and good for power and remarkable economy.

    You can't go wrong, just make sure you buy a genuine Italian weber, not a Spanish or Chinese FAJS replica. 

    One tip I will give you is if you are using an adaptor plate to mount the carb, put plenty of loctite thread locker on the bolts holding your plate to the manifold.

    They have a habit of vibrating loose and causing vacuum leaks. Next time around I'm getting mine fully welded to the intake... haha. 

  8. Inspection today, passed no worries and car is now transferred into my name formally. 

    Stalled at the lights on the way to our local DMV, which was weird, then couldn't get it back into gear.... Sure enough - Clutch slave cylinder blew....

    Walked to a local service station, bought some brake fluid and crossed my fingers....

    Pumped up the clutch good enough to be able to get it into gear and made it all the way home!
    In fairness I fitted the clutch and slave about 8 years ago when I had the car, so not a bad run from Taiwanese parts!

    I have a weeks wait for the parts now... I'm gagging to get out in this thing. Not the end of the world, as of midnight tonight we go into another 5 day lockdown....


    Picked up some new seatcovers too, had some horrible brown faux leather ones on there.


    Stay safe out there


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  9. Wow, I have never heard of the IDX, that thing looks awesome, and typifies what made those early Datsuns so great! I hope it does make it onto the lot!

    Yeah the Jimny is amazingly well done.

    It's modern but simple and the design elements of the original LJ/Sierra/Samurai are everywhere - that dash, the hood, the overall silhouette. They nailed it. Funnily when I test drove it, it reminded me of my old B110. You've really got to use that 5 speed to get it moving, but it's FUN!

  10. 18 hours ago, adamzan said:

    This was an interesting watch:



    Yeah it's still a soccer mom car but damn look at that clean 2 door in the background.

    I actually watched that, Man I would love to have a look through their heritage centre, some nice units in there!

    Would love that 2 door, steering wheel is even on the right side!

    I think it's a real stretch to draw a parallel between this and the WD21 (as in "you're on crack"), but in this day and age bean counters make more final decisions on design than the actual designers. Nissan dropped the ball in the early 2000s in my opinion, building 'safe' non-offensive (BORING) vehicles for boring people. 

    We have the navaras and the twin turbo diesels over here and I do not rate them. They have no resale and issues with reliability/poor reputation.

    If Nissan stuck their neck out and made a real tribute car I think they would be on a winner! Look at what Suzuki did with the new Jimny -  That's how you pay homage to a classic. I test drove one and they are amazing.
    There is a 2 year waiting list to get one here in Aus, with second hand examples fetch 15k more than the original sticker price. 

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  11. Spent a couple hours this afternoon removing all of the electrical add ons and wiring. I thought the PO removed his Sub, but evidently he removed the rear speakers as well and lefts a heap of frustratingly poor wiring routed inside the quarter panels.  Also removed the air horn that was hanging under the bullbar. 
    What a mess!


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