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  1. I recall vaguely reading something about them awhile back before I purchased my Pathfinder, but I never took any precautions. I believe there's also an issue with the IACV frying the ecm?
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I don't plan on trailing the pathy much as I like the color too much to scratch it up. The guard would merely be for cosmetic purposes, with the occasional brush from my property. I figure my biggest danger would be deer crossing my path, or of course, as you stated, a parking lot collision. I already park in the back away from everyone, so hopefully if I go that route I'll be safe, but you never know!
  3. Thanks! Being in Ohio, it's very surprising that there's not a spec of rust on it other than the underside. The previous owner/s must have taken great care of it, and I'm grateful for that!
  4. I acquired my blue 2003 pathfinder in June of 2018. I belong to a pathfinder group on Facebook, and am just now joining here. I currently have 16x8 Vision Warriors on 265/70/16, LED headlights and fog lights, LED dome lights, and currently deciding on a grille guard or a bull bar. I'd upload photos of my rig, but apparently the photos are too large. Pictures: https://ibb.co/album/bwVfwF Follow me on Instagram for updates! (I'll follow back). @thatbluepathy Cheers!

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