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  1. With the whole pandemic going on, I believe we should figure out a different time to have a meet up. any suggestions on what month?
  2. Thank the lord im not the only one with this issue, i may go see if my dealer will replace the seatbelt after all of this coronavirus crap dies down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I read the description of the headlights and they said they are HID compatible, they just don’t include the HID bulbs, they come with halogens though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Has anyone here ever tried installing retrofit projectors into a 1996 to 1998 pathfinder?
  5. To the people with 2000-2004 pathfinders, there are retrofit projector headlights on ebay. just letting yall know. they go for around $150-$300 but look and seem pretty nice and not cheaply made. heres the link - https://www.ebay.com/itm/PATHFINDER-R50-MK2-00-04-5D-LED-Halo-Projector-Headlight-Chrome-for-NISSAN-LHD/133227693433?fits=Model%3APathfinder&hash=item1f04fd4579:g:chAAAOSwLEtdvs8B
  6. If you’re into going wheeling, I definitely suggest lifting it, 2 inch lift is max btw unless you drop the subframe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. She's clean! what are your plans for her?
  8. Hey Everyone, sorry i have been afk for a while. I would still love to make this trip happen! it would most likely take place at the end or beginning of march. if youre not available for the beginning or end, pm me and we can figure something out and come to a compromise!
  9. if your rear springs are shot, your whole suspension could be shot. when i got my lift installed, my front struts and rear shocks were shot. i replaced the front with KYB struts and Bilstein shocks in the rear
  10. Sounds like a good place to go! Let’s see if every body else is cool with going there then I will try to plan what week we will go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Welcome man! I like how your truck has the post face lift wheels lol (1999-2004). You should be able to find every thing you need to lift your truck on the forum! good luck brotha!
  12. yeah man the chasis isn't the same. you could probably get the post facelift fenders and the bolt holes may line up but the fenders probably won't line up right. all honesty if you could find a pull a part around your area im pretty sure you can find a pathfinder with a full set of fenders and get em for cheap.
  13. Oh i gotcha, i goto university of north georgia in gainesville. im around that area every monday and wednesday.
  14. We’d be heading up to blue ridge, I heard they got a couple great campsites and trails Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Where are you located? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. i'd honestly recommend raptor lining the bumpers and fender flares instead of painting them. if youre going to go wheeling alot the bedliner can take a lot more hits than paint. i'm actually considering bedlining my bumpers and fender flares on my rig.
  17. i can't remember (and yes i know im late to this) but i know to stop the security from making the horn go off you have to turn the key in the driver side door i think around 5-6 times just to have it stop.
  18. i gotcha man. things just need fixing before you start adding mods or just you'll end spending more in the future.
  19. Hey brotha! i love seeing another black 98' pathy on the forum. I personally don't know how to deal with the rust issue you have because i really don't have much (because i live in the south). im running the suspension you listed besides i have AC front springs instead of OME. (wish i got those instead so i could add my 1" front spacers i have). Good luck on the build man!
  20. Looks great! in my opinion i would just save up for nicer wheels. I've always hated those wheels because of the spokes and just the whole design. Throw on some Pro Comps that truck is gonna look sick! If you rhino line the bumpers i advise you ask some people on the forum for some advise before you do decide to line them, but lining them would look pretty sweet. Are you going to lift it?
  21. i have never seen that before. i might have to check under my pathfinder.
  22. im curious on how you broke the back glass lol. but i personally havent heard of anybody replacing it themselves but if you can figure it out go for it! i honestly would have some professional windshield glass installers install it for you.

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