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  1. As of right now on mine 01 I've put on atleast 50000 miles with the 15" wheels and never have had a problem and yes it is a close gap between the caliper and rim,
  2. Looks great!!! Now I wish that would have step it up to 35"s, your next project should be is 4.6's gears.. Good mod for 33"s or bigger.
  3. I haven't been out in the Ouray area for a couple of years, so I don't know how the trail condition are out there lately, but you can possibly do most of the trails out there with your Rig.. but depending on expericance, if you havent wheel much, stay off Black Bear Pass! it's not a biggie in my book, but there a couple of spots you really need pay attention and not be afraid of heights, also can't be a hero on the switch backs on the down side of Bridal falls(continuse turning)... people have rolled of the that section, due to soft shoulder ... But if you want to take the scenic way go to Teleuride by highway and the take Imogene back to Ouray, I did it back when my Pathy just had All terrains, that is a very beutiful trail.and on the other side of hwy550 or the million dollars hwy is the Corkscrew Gulch in which is fun and connects to a bunch of other trails. Make sure to all the off roading books with you and get a good map of the local area is a plus. Man.. I miss it out there so much.
  4. You need to plan a trip up hear next year, maybe around May when possibly do a trip to Moab or come out hear in August and maybe do a Ouray /Teleuride trip.
  5. You need to plan a trip up hear next year, maybe around May when possibly do a trip to Moab or come out hear in August and maybe do a Ouray Teleuride trip.
  6. Here's the link to the rest of the photos http://s670.photobucket.com/albums/vv61/drowe1169/Buena%20Vista/
  7. Heres Rick going up the first part of Grizzly Creek trail,
  8. Heres are some that were Near Mt, Princeston The town of Buena Vista below
  9. Here's on the way to the top of Mt. Antero Near the top at 13840ft of elevation according to the Gps. Theses pictures were taking near a mine Here on the toward the top of Mt. Princeton
  10. Finally after all this time with the vibration.. it ended up be the motor mounts. My driver side came apart in 2 pieces and I still need to replace the passenger side. But so far back to normal. David
  11. You should have also replace the lower ball joint while you there. That is diffidently the best way of doing the replacement for either of them. David
  12. Don't get the napa ones, I decided to try the $20 ones and completely smoke within a month and half. If you are going to do this and save yourself the time and headache of replacing them get either the Nissan ( which the Toyota guys been getting the manufacturing ones, because of the problems with the aftermarket ones.) or Moogs, which I have had on for a little over a year and still fine. David
  13. I would try replacing the U joints, that seems to fix most people problems, this weekend a buddy and I will see if we can figure out what is going on with my truck and when that's figure out, I'll definitely let everybody know. I also see that you also live in Colorado, need come up here sometime and do some Wheeling. Some time in the near future we go to China Wall that is near Woodland area, I'll let you know when that happens. David
  14. Ok.. I have a brand new CV axles on one side and swap the other side with mine spare, because the orignal one boot need to be replace . I've broken an axle on the trail before and recommend having a spare and the are sementrical. I havent replace the rear one's yet, planning on it in the very near future. Replacing the motor mounts wouldn't be that hard, loosen the sfd motor mount bolts to the brackets and then put a block of wood on a jack and put it under the oil pan(block of wood to protect the oil pan) and lift it until you can remove the brackets and get the rest of the motor mounts. David
  15. I want thank Steve for the part # for the U joints. Last weekend I finally replace the u joint on her and still have the same problem, I'm thinking either it's the transmission mount and possibly the motor mount might part of it or something is broke in the front differential. This problem only happens in 4wd under load at any speeds and go away when letting of the accelertor. David
  16. The extra height in the strut spacer has nothing to do with the topping out, that has to do with the springs in the struts, besides you have warn hubs to save the cv axles any way and we didn't messed with the tie rods, also I would just take it in for a alignment and later if the strut top that Alex made is bugging you, then buy Shift220 strut tops, since he took the time to get it closer on the specs for our Rigs.
  17. You'll be fine with those struts spacer as long that you have the after market camber bolts, mine are built the same way and I don't have any problems with mine set up and the extra 1/2 inch isn't going make that big of a deal, there was something where they couldn't get it dial right on with the alignment and for the life of me couldn't remember what it was, but my tires have been wearing fine for me unfortunately because I want the new Goodyear wrangler in 33", *** BFG's just wont wear out
  18. Right on, I'm glad to see that you're finally getting it done after all the B.S that you were put threw in getting that kit together. I think next year we should all go to Gone (gathering of the Nissan enthusiast) in Moab. I would love to see all the Xterra guys looks on their face when 3 SFD Nissan Pathfinders show up and hopefully more, Also, if you're going 35", I would think that would be a little to much for the rack and pinion. I think that is why T4morgan went with that fancy-er steering set up. David
  19. I would get a can of MAF cleaner or electrical cleaner and see if that works and if you are using a K&N filter... scrap it. The oil off the filter is messing up the sensors in the maf.
  20. I'm with Fleurys on this, I just had a set made for the rears and they came out to be 160lbs spring rate, so I would still have some off road flexibility. The spring on the our stock pathfinder are about 115, but 440lbs would even be to stiff for a Ford F-250. Here a picture with the 5.5 lift in the rear and my Rig is also been SFD.
  21. That sounds good Tyler, I try to get of hold of you soon. David
  22. I started installing them about 10 minutes after they arrive on the door step and it looks sick So, all I need to do is get a longer brake line made and see what to do about the pan hard. David
  23. I thought to let everybody know that I just receive the rear coils and took exactly 5 weeks to show up at my door step when I order them. They how ever said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to complete and I thought this would help. David
  24. I was wondering what people have done for the brake line when doing the SFD, for instance when I did the front I just zip lock the line and made sure that there wasn't any interference what so ever with the line. but for right know, my question is what to do about the rear brake line when I get ready to install my new spring. Does anyone know a web site where to buy the line or what the size needs to be. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks David

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