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  1. I'm out of town for a couple days and don't have it with me & I leave town again on the 13th til the end of February for work. I'll try to get a video of the sound when I get back this weekend though. No other known issues with it. Everything else seems to be operating find & drives fine other then this issue.
  2. Sounds good thanks I'll give that a go & see what I come up with . So say it's the chain in the transfer case is that a fairly easy fix? I've never had the transfer case opened up before so just curious.
  3. No, the only time it's drove while in 4wd is off-road on the trails. Tires are all the same make & model. Tire pressure I check regularly & are always aired up to same psi.
  4. Haven't tried this yet either but definitely may need to do so.
  5. No haven't tried doing that with it.
  6. I've got a 1992 SE Auto Pathfinder it has Warn Premium Manual locking hubs on it currently. The issue I have been having is when I put it into 4wd it drives fine for the first 5-10 minutes. However after that is when it all of a sudden it will make a loud Thud type sound that you can feel as well. It does that every so often after that & doesn't matter if it's in 4-hi or 4-lo. From what I can tell it sounds as if it's coming from maybe near the transfer case or the rear end of the Pathfinder. Also after taking. It back out if 4wd it drives fine again and if I put it in 4wd again later It still drives fine that first 5-10 minutes & then repeats the same as mentioned above. Has anyone had this happen before or have any input on what it could be that I need to look into? I was thinking maybe something worn or slipping in the transfer case but didn't want to start tearing into that yet. Beings I'm not to sure what to look for there.as I've never had anything go wrong with 4wd on any of my previous Pathfinders up until this one started having issues. Any help & input would be appreciated. I tried looking through older posts when searching through the forums here but couldn't find anything that matched what was going on with mine. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've got a 92 auto 4wd Pathfinder SE I'm curious what's a good external Transmission Cooler to buy to bypass the stock cooler in the radiator. Looking for ones I can buy new that aren't crazy expensive & that come with the mounting kit. Not really wanting to go to junk yard to pull one. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Slartibartfast for the reply back on that. Got a photo sent to me just little bit ago as well from someone. Which it was from page 196 in the AT section in the fsm showing it also. Definitely looks like I have it hooked up right then. Thanks again
  9. Top side of transmission would be driver's side then with bottom being passenger? I've been looking through the fsm to find where I thought I had saw it was showing the driver's side was the return side on the transmission just couldn't find where it showed it. I don't want to have it hooked up wrong. So with the way you have yours hooked up then you have your outlet from radiator cooler line hooked up to top side on transmission which is driver side? Then lower side of transmission supply line hooked up to inlet on radiator cooler line?
  10. So for some reason I'm drawing a blank on this and my computer is down so I can't access all my saved documents and fsm's and can no longer pull them up online. What I'm wondering is for my automatic 1992 SE Pathfinder. I'm curious which line coming off drivers side and passanger side of the transmission hooks up to the inlet and outlet side of Radiator cooler lines?
  11. Thanks, I totally spaced off doing that awhile ago so I appreciate the reminder
  12. Adamzan by sub harness do you mean the wiring harness that connects to everything along the passenger side of engine or the wiring that connects to the sensors on side of transfer case?
  13. What would be the sub harness?
  14. Thanks you guys yeah it turns out it was definitely a bit stuck. Got it off finally though. Another question I'm curious about is wondering if when installing an automatic transmission from a 2004 Xterra non supercharged onto my 1992 Pathfinder? Is there anything I'll need to do or Change before or after mounted? I had someone tell me something bout the mounting brace or holes is cross member may not line up. Hadn't heard of that one from anything I looked up. Just want to be sure I have covered everything when installing it.
  15. I'm in the process of swapping out transmission on my 1992 auto 4wd pathfinder. My question is with the shifter. Is there some sort of hidden nut or bolt or something i need to find in order to remove the shifter where it attaches to the side of the transfer case? I removed two bolts and a 10mm nut from shifter but I still can't get the shifter to come off of the side of tranfer case.
  16. Checked those after reading this & from what I saw after examining them very well was they checked out to be good with no sign of any pin holes,
  17. It appeared to be ATF Fluid that was leaking
  18. So I have looked through a lot of old posts here but couldn't find one that seemed to cover exactly what my problem is I'm having on my 1992 Pathfinder SE Automatic 4wd 3.0 so hoping someone might be able to help out with this. The other day I was driving back home on the interstate when I looked down at the dash & happened to notice that my A/T oil temp light had come on. Once I noticed this I got off at the next exit & pulled into the truck stop to check things out. After opening the hood up for inspection there was some smoke coming from passenger side along with some areas that had fluid which looked as if it was leaking from somewhere around the hoses going to the firewall that I believe are going to the heater core & also saw a lot of fluid leaking onto the ground under the Pathfinder. I'm not 100% on if it was coming from the hoses or not for sure because it was certainly wet & looked to have the fluid around the brake lines as well on passenger side under the hood & also was wet from fluid on the transmission pan on passenger side of pan which I am thinking may have just been because of fluid leaking from above & thought it may have just gotten on the pan from dripping downward along with me still driving it til I pulled into truck stop. I have never had my light come on before on my 92 or on my previous 2 95 Pathfinders so I am not to familiar with this happening at all. On my 92 I do have a B & M external Transmission Cooler installed on it by the PO. I didn't notice any other areas that looked bad or that were leaking other then what I mentioned above. After sitting for a good while I tried to start engine & the light was off it came on once more on me with same areas that appeared to be leaking let sit again to cool off so I could try to get back to my house since I had no phone to call a friend or anyone I knew to help tow it back so I didn't have to drive it. This time after starting the light was off & I drove it back home while heater was on this time & made it all the way home without it coming back on. Not sure if having the heater back on was why it didn't come back on or not but I was thinking if that was the case that it could be pointing to the heater core as the issue from this. I have noticed that I haven't had as good as air flow coming from the vents when heater is turned on over the past few weeks & also noticed over that time that it hasn't seemed to get as hot as it normally would. Which makes me think maybe thermostat might be sticking or something. Haven't been losing any coolant or anything like that at all or any other problems either. My question is what are some things I could look for to start to diagnose this issue for the A/T oil temp light coming on? The PO has the B & M transmission cooler installed in front of radiator on the drivers side with the line ports facing downward. It appears that it is running from Transmission into cooler line on bottom of radiator coming from other cooler line bottom of radiator into B & M cooler & out from B & M cooler into other transmission line going back into transmission again. Not sure if they have it run correctly or not but that was one concern I had that I thought could be why the issue has come up possibly. If anyone may have some input I would greatly appreciate it since this is a problem I have not had to deal with before on any of my WD21's & I plan on it sitting until I know what the cause of this may be so I can get it fixed so I'm able to drive it again as it's my daily driver as well so I am without a vehicle til fixed.
  19. Anyone on here in Northern Colorado or nearby have a tire machine or know someone who does trying to get new tires on my 1992 Pathfinder Se
  20. Awesome thank you mjotrainbrain that is what I was looking to understand & that helps me out a bunch on this. Now time to go & tackle the replacements thanks again.
  21. So I have read through some of the other threads on changing out the cv shafts & just want to make sure I get it done right. I have a 1992 Se Automatic Pathfinder with warn manual locking hubs. My main question is with the manual hubs i saw that you should not have them set into the lock position & was seeing that in order to get the 5 12 sided bolts out you should put it in neutral and put into 4 hi? So may be a silly question but when putting in 4 hi wouldn't I have to lock the hubs in for this method? Also once the bolts are off do I then take out of 4 hi and go back into 2wd before removing axle shaft? Like I said I don't want to mess anything up so want to be sure to get it done right. Thanks in advance.
  22. Getting ready to head to the hills for some wheeling

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      Thanks, it was a pretty good day

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