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  1. Ok so stil working on this and not getting anywhere really. at least i have a multimeter and a suspected culprit. Here is a picture of the relay that the above nissan 720 article is relating to (BTW if anyone has a FSM for a non injected Z24 i would really appreciate it). I measured the voltage in at all the ignition positions and came back with this Colour Running (v) On (v) Accessory (v) Off (v) White -0.02 0 0 0 White Red 15.4 12.6 12.6 12.6 Yellow 15.4 12.6 12.6 12.6 White Black 0.34 <10* 12.6 12.6 White Blue 0.38 <10* 12.6 12.6 Black 15.4 12.6 12.6 12.6 * these numbers were continually running down, should have checked them before i started it but i didnt. I checked continuity from the white wire to the ignition switch at it was ok. below is the diagram, presumably of the same relay but in a 720 as that is what the article referred to. My electronics are all working fine except for 2 things: 1)Most of the time the key won't shut off the engine. I have to bring it to bite point, turn off the key and then hit a killswitch (that i have no idea how it functions) 2)Battery light is always on in while the engine is running. If anyone can help point me in the right direction towards fixing either of these i will be eternally grateful. Thanks Terranovation for setting me on the right path.
  2. Sweet, so new zealand is the land of the d21 then. There's at least three others parked within 200m of my house
  3. Out of intrerest, how many pathfinders do you see about? Are they rare near you? Personally I've seen probably 10 today after 4hrs of driving, half of which was well away from traffic. They're all terrano's here but i've seen a few actual pathfinders too. Usually one comes for sale every day or two.
  4. reeeeeal dark ye http://www.smh.com.au/national/backpacker-naked-screaming-for-help-after-escaping-alleged-attacker-in-south-australia-20160210-gmqx0o.html
  5. so you take the battery out and bring it into your house and then stick an electric blanket around it? that's tickled me that has
  6. looks interesting cheers. no new zealanders though..
  7. Yeah for sure, same with most places really. People don't get murdered all the time like they used in the 70/80s. Having said that there was a news story about someone kidnapping two hitchhikers in south australia. Think they got saved because one of the girls got away and ran naked through the dunes covered in blood. now that's real life horror for you. Unlike horror though the people she ran into were boss and saved her and the other chick.
  8. Because I'm poor and poor because. Just wanted something cheap and capable of exploring the backcountry and then fell in love. Think i would sink every paycheck into keeping it running if i had too. Yeah it might be the slowest of the slow with the old non injected z24 but with no ecu and next to no electronics there's enough room under the bonnet for a noob like myself to maneuver about freely. I lived in her for 4 months comfortably and if some tw@ wrote it off i would be fuming until i found another. Luckily they are still pretty common here and i'm always stoked to find out that a friend also has a w/d21 so we can go get muddy. I also recently went on a trip with bust free hubs and still dicked all over my friends fancy 93' hilux with the exception of few boggy areas but i'm pretty much running slicks on the rear so gimme a break. one day i will retire it to a field somewhere and make it into a memorial for everything that was great about 80s vehicle design. if i won the lottery this weekend I'd buy a fleet of them for friends and family.
  9. So I did it and bought some new hubs and, surprise surprise, it was them all down to them. Really appreciate the help of the community, feel like i understand differentials a bit more now. I realise this question crops up a fair bit, having found a couple of other similar threads after posting, but if we all went around only asking original questions then the world would be pretty quiet right? Now all I have to do is get the fuel pump to shut off with the ignition and she'll be ruinning as good as new. Thanks again Pathfamily
  10. Can I force the hubs to stay locked or something? They both looked the same when I opened them up, but they could easily have both been screwed.
  11. That's what I've been hoping. I just thought that CV axle would be spinning inside the unlocked free hub. Is there a way to test this before i go and get some new hubs?
  12. Yeah its good to have company sometimes as well, even if they turn out to be a loony. I've met people I'm still friends with through picking them up off the side of the road. Terranovation, in australia you could be signing someones death sentence if you leave them there.
  13. neither front wheels are spinning at all when on grass, wet mud etc. My auto hubs no longer make a disengage click like they used to when i did have all wheel drive. What i mean by the cv axles are spinning is that when i get someone to drive back and forwards while i look under, i can see the front left CV spins, and the front drive shaft, but not the right. If power is going to one side but not the other, wouldnt the open diff mean that i get zero power at either wheels?
  14. Sounds possible. The killswitch was installed well befor i broke it, presumably because they are pretty easy truck to break into. This issue has only been since the alternator was installed by local garage.
  15. Sweet. Where's the fuel pump on a z24? Will badger a neighbour for a volt meter
  16. Battery is a week old. Exactly that happened with the garage installing two alternators before giving up. When I turn the key, the battery light comes on, it starts and runs fine but the light won't go out. Turn the key off and take it out doesn't stop the engine. Luckily there is a kill switch installed. I'll do the earths and maybe change the fusable link. Brown wire feels a bit rubbery. Thanks for the advice.

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