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  1. Yea my mechanic mentioned that the gearbox was failing, and the teeth were probably cracked already. But the absolutely crap clutch (which had heaps of slip) didn't apply full power to the box. So after a brand new clutch, the moment I took it off road, all that torque that before was gettin lost in the clutch went right into the box. Made sense to me! They were so sad to see me back so soon hadn't even paid them for the clutch yet.
  2. Cheers for that, the loose but was absolutely me, putting it way out of alignment, but getting rid of some of the wobble. Poor muddies are paying the price... Tension rod bushings... Sounds probable. I am unfortunately quite unfamiliar with front ends, guess I better learn.
  3. Strut rod... That sounds much more legit. I read a writeup on here a while ago about those rods wearing very thin, and now that I've ripped the cup, I'll have to pull that apart and weld up a new one / add material back to the rod. Should be a snap! You reckon that could be largely responsible for the wobble? My mechanic was thinking tie rod ends, and arms and stuff - which all sounds expensive. Maybe I should try the strut rod first? Yea new tranny was from a diesel pathfinder, but fit alright. Spent more on that and a clutch (within a week of eachother! Clutch went, then a week later tranny went...) than the truck is worth! The tranny was fine for a day of 4by'ing, but on the way home, cruising on the highway it just all at once gave up. Such a funny place to do it... Glad you like the headunit! I plan on making and selling them at some point, why does nobody make cool ones?! Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Sooo over the Christmas break I took a track. The most insane track I've ever done!!! Had to do it all in low range 1st, 15 PSI in 32" mud tires, and I barely made it! The truck I was out with was on two wheels for alot of the track. Heavy stuff!! Although I made it, at the end coming up very steep hill, I came across a ledge in the hill! 1m high and a big rock outcropping. So I went right over it! Amazing. But I really stuffed up the front end. If I jack up the front passenger side, I have 50mm of wobble. Tie rod ends? Pitman arm? Ball joints? I also noticed a bit of a tear in the "c-arm holder thing" (a big shaft comes from the C arm lower and attaches to the chasis. I'm planning on just welding a plate over it and drilling a new hole. I made it home, with some serious squealing coming from that tyre, and stopping a few times to adjust it and stop it from making noise... and I have been driving it since. But I need to get it fixed, it's scary to drive as the steering kinda has a mind of its own now. What do you guys reckon I'm up for? Pics! Bonus pics!! Just after breaking the front end... custom Jerry can holder with some old vice grips to lock it in place. Works a treat! snapped a torsion bar... crappy made a radio from a FM reciever, amp, and bluetooth module from Ebay and a 3pos rotary switch. Works amazing!! Aux in, BT and FM. Just some scrap sheet metal tigged together, and boom - coolest head unit around. This is what happens when your clutch slave goes out in the bush when you're alone. And you have to get back to the road with no clutch... (I later learned to put it in gear with the car off, then start it to roll start yourself in low range! Brilliant! Wish I'd have thought of that. Instead I turned the idle down on the carb so it barely idled, and then in low range just SHOVED it into gear as it was about to stall and then slammed on the gas. It got me home! And then to the mechanic! Who laughed at me...
  5. So I made a rookie mistake last night, one that I have made countless times on everything mechanical I have ever owned - I fixed multiple things at once, and now I can't diagnose the problem... I have been losing all power when I'm off road, as soon as I get to a hectic bit and rev hard for a while, the engine starts shuddering and I have to rev really high before releasing the clutch, or else I'll stall. I can sometimes limp back home, but then after a while it comes back. My latest outing had us using ALL of our snatch straps to get another vehicle in a spot with traction... but I digress. Something has been amiss. I decided to replace my coil, after reckoning it was the most probable cause. But while in there, I did the distributer rotor, as the one in there was really bad. And I thought I'd do plugs too. And then the guy at the parts house said I should get a set of points, which I had never heard of - so I did the points too. But I just pulled the old ones out, and stuck the new set in... They are wired up fine, and I set them as close to spec (0.46mm) as I could by guessing, but I'm still getting no spark. Turns over fine, but not catching. Just before bed last night, I grabbed a 12v light and stuck it on the positive wire of the coil, and ground (with the key on) and got nothing... I think I am supposed to get 12v? Did I blow an ignition fuse? Are the points THAT sensitive? I'll grab my feeler gauges and try again tonight, but now I have a broken down truck at home, with my shop 5km away... bloody hell. Thanks in advance for the thoughts guys! Cheers, Taylor (bonus pictures, because I know you love pictures!) New parts! The dizzy before I touched it... I made some roof racks! From an old gate. Still need to paint it... Total cost for materials? $0 Pretty recent pic.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys! I think the previous owner did the clutch recently - I'll ask him... But yea good call - I will do it all while I'm in there. Probably drop the bars too, as I wouldnt mind replacing the bolts, they are FREAKING long and keep getting caught on stuff - as I have them cranked up so damn high to fit the muddies. The LED strip is SO flipping nice, Its just a roll of this stuff, except I got warm white, as I hate the cool white... I wired it through a pushbutton switch that fit perfectly in a hole in the bonnet, through a fuse to the battery. Ran the wire up the channel and bing bang boom job done! I also stuck a 1m or so strip running from the dome light on the inside to the back of the car, and wired it in to where the bulb in the dome light used to sit. So now the entire car lights up like day time - and it draws almost nothing! I'll order a new set of bearings and seals. Sigh... I just did a new distributer and coil and tires and fabbed a set of 2.2mx1m roofracks - will it ever end? Nope!
  7. Hey guys! I'm back! Its been a hectic few months at work... So very little pathy time. But I have been able to get out bush pretty much every weekend! A few pics... strip of LEDs under the bonnet. Do it. Some of you may have seen this already - but good times!!! Just a bit of Australian hill top! (and my old road tyres) Babes, guns and Pathfinders. Good weekend! Bag call trying this alone. We got out, but barely!!! Using a pathy to hold up a tarp! Sometimes it snows in Australia... Now onto business. When I touch the clutch - I mean even touch it... it starts making this grinding sound. Not high pitch, not consistent (it makes it consistently, but the sound changes and jumps around) Sounds metallic, and makes me think of bearings. When the clutch isnt being touched, or its in gear and moving - all good. But only when I'm on the clutch. Throw out bearing? Pilot bearing? Are those hard to replace? Any idea?! Thanks legends. Taylor
  8. I have 5x 32" MT's that I'll be putting on just as soon as I pass all the government inspections and shizzle that this country demands! Hopefully I'll get the beads fixed tomorrow, and pass the final inspection today. Fingers crossed. Bumper had no winch mount, but I can probably hack one in. Question on that - the winche, I'd imagine needs to bolt directly to the chassis, my bull bar is 3mm aluminium - I cant imagine it being strong enough to hold the winch. Am I missing some steps there? Any recomendation on capacity? I'm thinking something ~ 2000kg but I just made that number up... Good call with waterproofing the comp, I need to do that and the dizzy.
  9. The computer is under the seat yea? That whole area was fully under water... It didnt seem to miss a beat! Tyres are 31", all four are different. Glad y'all like the purple!!
  10. So my best mate had his bucks party out in the bush last weekend, and a few of use went out for a bit of a rip after the festivities and camping. I decided I had to put my new pathfinder to the test! So we found this big mud hole out some God forsaken track, and I went for it. Well I picked a bad line, and slipped off the bank/centre of the track RIGHT into some hectic ruts. It took my mate warping his rotor and burning out his clutch in his Subaru to get me out... Didnt even have a snatch, so I sat in the flooded car for 40 mins trying not to let it die, as he ran to borrow a cable from a farm down the road. Besides the dizzy filling with water, and not figuring out why I was only running on 2 cylinders until I was a few hours down the road (is the distributor rotor supposed to be all charred?) the car is fine! A bit soggy, but what a champ. Cant wait for next time! Note to self - buy a winch, or at least a snatch strap... and check puddles. Full video coming soon.
  11. Shoot man, that looks amazing... Never knew that area was a little cargo storage spot. So youre saying factory xterra bits will fit pretty easily... I may have to stop by the wreckers and see what I can find. That rack has a great look to it.
  12. I have been looking at roof racks, and I'm shocked at the prices... But then I thought heck, I'm a pretty good welder! I'll make my own. I'm thinking 20mm square tube steel, I dont want the back (or front really...) closed off, so I can slide timber and whatnot up there. As much as I like the 4x4 racks, it needs to be dual purpose. I'm thinking something along these lines, with square mesh (not expanded steel) and some mounts on the sides for shovel and jack. Just because that looks cool. (I guess they are handy sometimes too...) But I want to put it to you guys, what have you seen that's worth duplicating? Any ideas for mounting points on the front half of the truck? I'd like it to be a full 2400mm long. Cheers, Taylor
  13. Good to know! Cheers. I probably should change those soon...
  14. Yea. The free pulley bracket is bent, and when I tried to loosen tension on it I broke the bolt off... The pulley looks straight enough, but the whole assembly is pretty bad! Should have guessed that was suspect. Time to fab another bracket!! I'll check on that - I'll feel behind it after driving a bit and see if one of the drums is too hot. It only does it when in motion - I have no fan shroud, and I cant see it rubbing on anything in there... So I reckon its brakes. Good call. Legend!! That explanation of locking hubs is so much better than what wikipedia offered me. Makes perfect sense. So 4wd hi with the hubs unlocked is basically the same as 2wd, just more moving parts that don't need to be moving! I'm a dumbass - that's hilarious that its a push down!!! Never would have tried that. That thread you linked is pure gold - the rage is hilarious - thanks. I'll be in Oregon around xmas probably, and I'd love to shout you a beer - you are most helpful mate!!
  15. I got the water pump in, brakes fixed, fog lights wired up, battery mounted, thermostat installed, coolant changed, brake fluid and power steering filled (they were bone dry!) And I have been driving my new friend to work! But I am having a couple little issues - thought I'd run them past you guys. 1. When I first start driving when the car is cold, I get some serious belt squeal when accelerating, or compression braking. Serpentine belt loose? 2. When driving near a wall (like in an alley) with the window open, I can hear a faint metal on metal sound. My first thought is disk brakes? Sounds a bit like a metal fan rubbing something... Doesnt change frequency with acceleration, only with vehicle speed. Cant hear it at high speed. 3. Same as #2, but when close to a wall I hear ticking, not bad ticking... but ticking. 4. 4wd light doesnt turn off when in 2wd. weirds me out, and I am always making sure I'm in 2wd. Is the switch for that light in the case or on the lever? It flickers while driving in 2wd, and stays solid when in 4wd, so I'm guessing a busted switch. 5. Hub locks. I have them on the front - when do I use them?! How are they different from diff lockers? 6. My 4wd stick says 2WH, 4WH, N, 4WL - but I can only get it to move between 2WH and 4WH. Any idea why? Thanks friends!! Here are a few pics. With my 33" tyres that the truck came with!! Right on! broken coolant bypass thingo fixed coolant bypass thingo... Road tyres

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