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  1. Does a Nissan patrol 4.2 turbo diesel fits under the pathfinder hood? I want to go diesel, I really want it, but if not, a nabara/frontier is a good engine? 4cyl turbo diesel d23? Any recommendations? I want to keep it nissan btw
  2. Hello everyone, today I was driving on the highway, I have to say I was going fast because I was going late, when I was arriving I started hearing a rattle noise, after I did what I was going to do I came back and started my car and turned the AC on, a very high rattling noise started and I opened the hood to try and listen where it came from, I decided to drive and when I accelerated it felt weak, then turned the ac off and it accelerated "normally" still felt a power loss, Do I need to change the ac compressor? is it expensive? is it a hard job? what tools do I need to change it myself? I have to say, the AC works fine, still blows cold air, but the noise and powerloss is annoying. please help
  3. Hello , I have a 2000 Pathfinder , I do not know if it is normal , but when I drive with the overdrive off (light on) it starts making a noise as if misfitted or starts to vibrate and make a lot of noise , what could it be?
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