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  1. My first Solidworks project... a couple major tubes are not pictured, but you'll see them as the photos come in (mainly a cross brace from the lower mounts to the center of the front boxed winch plate). The plan: Progress... I had a very disappointing realization just as the last tube was notched and tacked into place: the body was not centered on the frame... off by 1/4" on center. Totally my fault as just did a custom body lift. Only needed 1/8" shift to the passenger side, but I would always see the mistake so loosened all the body bolts while my wife sadly shook her head (she knows I am hopelessly A.R. about the things I do have control over). Completely disassembled the assembly and started over; luckily it didn't require too much mod'ing to get the tubes all happily married again within a couple hours. All the material is 1/8" wall, 1.5" round and square tubing (the one exception is the lower frame mounts which are 3/16" x 2" square tube)... I know that is on the thin side for off road but I am all about more triangulated tubes for strength rather than thicker ones. I'm using the Chassis Unlimited generic two piece winch mount plate. I spent a lot of time on the mounts as I wanted it rigid as possible for the winch with a bunch of front clearance while still bolting to the unmodified frame. I'll post details of them tomorrow. As I make more progress I'll post more pics. Goal is drop off at the powder coater's next week. Waiting on tabs for grill mounts and have yet to figure out turn signals, although the OEM driving lights mounted up really nice and well protected with full adjustability intact. Thanks for looking. This forum has given a ton of inspiration and information over the last 6 months... some crazy talented and smart members.
  2. No reason to wait. Ordered it. Thank you guys.
  3. RE4R03A output shaft mod for 4WD? I know it has been done. Does anyone know the specifics of what is required? I have several low mileage 03A trans (turbo Cimas) and would like to set one up for a spare... so I'll never need it If the 01A shaft has the correct bearing diameters allowing it to be simply swapped, wonderful to get the correct spline/length. I doubt it is that easy or everyone would do it, right? Even info to point me in the right direction, please. And I know that at least one aftermarket supplier/rebuilder claims they can provide the part, but I am interested in what is truly involved. I did search and found only a handful of references including a single member who had done it many years ago but who did not provide specifics; he's been offline for 4 years according to that post or I would contact him directly (nissandoms47) .
  4. The code still works, any idea how long they will continue to honor it?
  5. Hi, I'm Vernon. My wife Patty and I put 140k miles on a '95 Pathfinder before we sold it and got a 2WD Titan that we lifted with a custom PRG kit. It is just too big for the narrow trails we like in the Mojave, and we've always missed our first pathfinder so we picked up another '95 this week. Second owner 4WD SE with 184k miles; no leaks, ran perfectly on the 2 hour drive to its new home, no small amount of paint rash but overall it's in very good condition. Can't wait to start the mods! We owned RaVerMotorsports in Cali for 13 years mod'ing Z32s and (sorry) Hondas. Set quite a few world records with our customers at Bonneville and El Mirage dry lake with various chassis so fab and tuning are second nature. Patty has driven over 200mph on the salt and run the paved quarter in 9.20s... and SHE wants the Pathfinder Not a rock crawler, just a nicely lifted reliable 4x with hp to go along.

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