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  1. Well. A little update. I bought a 95 5speed 4x4 parts car. Got it for only $200. It has 170xxxmiles on it. But I have actually driven this one before as it was my brothers. It was really nice but then it was sold to a young kid who went mudding and flooded the engine. He kept the RPMs pegged and blew the motor. Everything else is great. Nothing is missing. The only thing I’ll need is a Passenger fender since this one is rotten on the bottom. I’ll try to upload pics if I can figure out how to make them smaller. So car I got a nice spot weld cutter and removed the inner fender and core support on mine. Now I’m stripping down the 95. Everything is going smooth. Just time consuming.
  2. Oh and I checked the relay for the clutch pedal>relay>starter. Replaced it and still nada. So do you guys think on the donor pathy I can leave the inner fender connected to the core supper and transfer it all over that way?
  3. Well, after having to go through physical therapy and then having a newborn I am finally getting started on repairing the Pathfinder. I bought a complete one with every and it was a 5speed. Only issue with it was the PO sent a rod through the block. On a side note, mine would still start up but now that it sat for 6 month it won’t. I have a new battery and nothing has changed. Any ideas? I get instrument panel lights and and that but the relays under the hood just click click click.
  4. That blows. That’s what I was afraid of. I might need to try it out at the junk yard first. Thank you for the advise. The entire passenger side is junk. I doubt I can save anything of the core. Would you suggest buying a new inner fender or try and get one off a donor?
  5. I looked through the “how to’s” is there a section that explains the best way to place inner fender and core support? I had a front end collison and it crumbled the passenger inner fender and core support. With the metal all smashed in it is kind of hard to tell how they come apart. I’m hoping someone has done this before.
  6. Wow. Well thank you for all that. I guess I should broaden my scope for a donor. I was looking 93-95 only. I am also hoping the core is not too bad but until I start digging I won’t know. The radiator is broken and antifreeze came running out. The fan also hit it. The passenger wheel is a little off. It’s pointed in a weird direction and I can’t really tell what moves to cause it. I’ll see if I can post that picture too. I don’t want to start digging into it until I have a donor otherwise I may not remember where everything goes. I’ll take a look at the manual also. That’s a lot of information I wish I had when restoring my Trans Am.
  7. http://s699.photobucket.com/user/justinh4578/media/Mobile Uploads/810508D5-0000-48CF-B786-60B71499EBD9_zpsh
  8. Well, haven’t posted in a while. Didn’t have a need to. Until some lady turned left in front of be causing me to Tbone her Tahoe. Thankfully there was actually two different officers behind her who were going home and witnessed the whole thing. So now I have smashed passenger front. The doors shut fine and I drove it the 1 mile home. Now I’m looking for a parts car to donate to help me rebuild it. Ideally I’ll look for the dark grey hood and fender so I don’t have to pay for painting. I didn’t get much for it from insurance. It was a total loss but it was my gramps and it what I have left to remember him by so it is worth it to me. I don’t think the frame is bent but I will need a hood, bumper, grill, pass fender, radiator, core support and all the things like lights that broke up front. I’m thinking a donor car would be best. Unfortunately I sold the two I had last year because the wife said they were ugly just sitting there. Now I need one again. Go figure. I try to post the picture of my pathfinder. But what years can I swap from for the main stuff like core support, radiator, fender and hood?
  9. Problem is the harness. I got everything to work and then they don't. Then they flicker and go back out. Looks like I'm taking all this junk back and I'll let the RV place hook it all up. They guarantee their work for life so it'll be done.
  10. Okay so I just went and got that box. I now have an extra wire (red) that I didn't have before. I hooked up the green wire as before to passenger side. I ran it under the rear sill. The yellow wire off the harness is hooked up to the grey and blue wire, brown wire is hooked up to pink and blue, white is ground and that's grounded to the screw as before on inside of the compartment. The red wire is hooked up to green and yellow wire. But now all I have is running lights. No brake lights, no signals. I took the red wire off just to see if the signal lights will work as they did last night and nothing happens. The new harness has that black box and it shows which wire is which and I have it all hooked up according to the write up by Slick. But I'm at a loss now.
  11. Cool. Thanks for the response. I'm glad someone mentioned SURGE brakes I couldn't think of the name. I knew they weret electric. There are quite a few kits out there if really needed. I have towed my boat three times now. Certainly will not get any speeding tickets. Going up hills (big Northern California mountain foothills) USA chore. But she does great. I do have one question though as for the harness. I got one of those Walmart kits. I read the post on here regarding the correct wires. However what am I missing when it comes to brake lights? Seems I need a fourth wire from the trailer to hook up. I have running lights and signal lights. But the brake lights are complete different wire and have nothing to tie into it. I'm kinda lost.
  12. UPDATE: Just towed and launched my boat. Boat it 2200lbs according to factory specs. Add the extra batteries and trolling motor, amps ect. Trailer is 500lbs. So I'd say just a hair under 3000lbs. It toes it just fine. Takes a lot longer to brake. Maybe 40ft extra going 60mph. But it pulled it right up the steep boat ramp. So I'd say the 3500lbs they have it listed online is accurate. Maybe need a brake tune up. I think for now I'll just do the four prong connection. It's cheaper and I only use my buddies dolly a couple times a year.
  13. Don't be sorry man. U know what they say about opinions. I think we are talking about two different things completely.
  14. kdj- step away from the alcohol. How did you get that from what I said? What I'm saying and yes I agree with RedPath88 about our vehicle not meant to tow heavy loads thus not needing trailer brakes is that there are trailers and Dolly's that have braking systems. The ones that are adjustable with a wrench. I used my buddies car dolly to tow a car a few miles and his dolly actually had brakes on it. I was not able to utilize those brakes due to not having the proper harness. I would never think adding a wire to a tow hitch would magically make a trailer have brakes. Cmon.
  15. Well I have the adapter for the four. So isn't it better to have the 7 pin harness on the truck in case I tow a trailer with brakes?
  16. Well it looks like not all boat trailers are the same. Some don't even have brakes so best wait for that until I decide. I am getting the hitch harness though. I'll need that regardless.
  17. You sir are the man. On the way home from work I took a couple turns faster than I normally would and sure enough the brake light came on. Topped off the fluid and hasn't done it since. Thanks again
  18. Do you have an example of one? I have searched for one and they range from $30-$499.
  19. Hey fellas/ladies So I already have a towhitch and receiver. I need the 7prong harness for trailers. Have any of you hooked these up? Did Nissan have a place in the rear designed to tap into the harness? Also I am looking and it seems the MAX towing is 3500lbs? Seems higher than I thought. Is this right? I just towed my buddies boat and it was 2200lbs. No trailer brakes due to lack of harness. But it didn't feel like anything was there until I was coming to a complete stop. Anyone have much experience with towing? I'll be looking at towing a 21ft fiberglass boat constantly. Advice?
  20. I did not know that. That's why this site is awesome. I'll check it out after work. Thank you sir.
  21. So my brake light will come on the dash a few times while driving. It'll stay on for a little, then go out. The ebrake is not engaged and is in the off position. I do have a "squeal" on my front driver side. I took everything apart to inspect because I though the caliper might be getting stuck. But it wasn't. I re greased the plungers and put it all back together. Rotors seem fine and I have plenty of pad left. So I'm wondering if there is possibly another issue i am having but do not know about. Has this happened to anyone else? Btw. 1993 pathy 4x4 5speed.
  22. Looks like a very purposeful built ride. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.
  23. I agree. We need pics. I'm about ready buy one myself. I'm looking for a rack more 3/4 length of roof. Something with a light bar or 4 3x3 led pods. I'd like to see what people are using for their WD21. So far the nicest low profile one seems to be the Rola vortex with 18" extension.
  24. So has anyone had any luck just buying new springs for a JGC and installing them with a successful 3-4" lift?
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