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  1. Thank you both for your input! At this point I'm wanting to know if you all think he's got the right idea on parts needed & if he's charging me the right"ish" price for the new parts. (I do realize they have to make $$)
  2. Ooops! Forgot to post them & now I'm having trouble. Let's try this again...
  3. Hello to you all! I finally heard back from the mechanic, so I thought I'd share these screenshots (of texts between the mechanic & myself) and get some feedback...once again...all input is appreciated!
  4. Update: A neighbor of mine gave me a ride to my vehicle today and she used her AAA membership to have it towed for me!! Because I don't know (and haven't found) any individual who will work on it, we had it towed to a mechanic that she's used on 2 separate occasions with positive results. (Also, this guy has noticably lower rates for labor, so that's good...'cause I have noooo idea how I'm gonna' pay for it all?!) Right now I'm simply thankful that it wasn't any worse & glad that I've taken the first step toward getting it all taken care of... So at least I'm moving in the right direction, right?!
  5. Hmmm...I do remember thinking right after I started it before leaving for the appt, "Why do I smell gasoline?" I didn't usually smell it! Well, one step at a time I'll get it figured out ! And I sincerely appreciate the insight!!
  6. Aaaah yes...I was only able to keep minimal insurance due to my financial situation... there was probably oil build-up because I know there was an oil leak... I checked the oil frequently to make sure it didn't get low. Here's how it went... I drove to the Dr.'s appt & parked...it was smoking some as I got out...but it had done that before...I was told, not to worry...it was residual oil burning off...just make sure you keep oil in it & watch the temp guage (temp hasn't ever showed hot & it does start at cool when 1st started) I was in the waiting room & heard over the intercom "will the owner of the Pathfinder...blah, blah...so I went out & they said it was on fire, they had used the extinguisher & then doused it w/ some water because the hoodliner was smoldering (then they ripped it off). I don't know if it'll turn over. (It's still in the parking lot at the Dr's office) However I did use the remote unlock/lock to get some things out of it to take home, so that works & I'm pretty sure the light came on when I opened the door...so that works. That's all I got right now... And thanks for the input!!!
  7. This happened yesterday, late afternoon... What should I do? Do you think it's fixable? Any info is much appreciated!!

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