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  1. So I've read the whole tread and was wondering if anyone knows about parts(compatibility or swap) to turn a non 4wd into stock format 4wd...sounds like I should be able to use any 4wd trans out of any pathfinder or xterra but besides that anyone know module swaps or other hiccups? Thanks in advanced
  2. Ya mine is an auto. Do you happen to know where to find the video?
  3. Idk my dad got it and brought it over to install. So I'll have to ask @ shaggy I've been fearing the same thing with the switch but it worked perfectly when it wants and other times I just get a click.
  4. Hey guys Im sure someone has already asked this or mentioned it on another topic. But i recently replaced my starter that died but I seem to be having trouble getting the soleniod to engage the starter from time to time. There are also times when the truck starts up no problem. ok now after all that. i have a second question. so you guys have anything covering your starter from the old filter?? sorry guys the first question is does anyone have a solution for a iffy starter
  5. i have taken the drivers side door panel off mine while sitting in the seat. its a bit uncomfortable but it is doable. i recommend having a flashlight and screwdriver handy
  6. But you could always do mole straps and or custom cages for the battery packs
  7. Was reading thru and the answer I had was the netting that comes in the panels. That's how I kept mine from falling out when I had my panel in full time
  8. I don't have a visor on my pathfinder and went in a similar route that your thinking but I had a goal zero nomad 20 panel with a yeti 400 in the trunk. I also charged my sherpa 50. The major problem I found was the sheer weight of any changer being attached would weight down the panels causing them to hit my head on hard bumps. If you figure a fix for this would love to hear it.
  9. Thanks for the info gonna have to find another way to get less restriction Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey guys so my 95 pathfinder LE has sprung an exhaust leak and was wondering if anyone has any idea if the VG33 exhaust might be a direct bolt on to my VG30 as a slight upgrade? Thanks for any info.
  11. I drive a pathfinder for the love of jdm. But to be honest with you being poor(ish) help make the bond with your personal pathfinder stronger. I've own mine for the last 10 years and I'd never give it up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. hey guys so I havent quite figured out if im going to buy a compressor or try and rig a a/c compressor. hey Slartibartfast does the person you know have a write up on how he did his compressor??
  13. hey guys is anyone aware if there is a upgrade to the calipers/ brake system for the pathfinders? OEM(96-2000) or aftermarket??
  14. Hey guys so I've been contemplating trying to integrate a engine mounted compressor. But every where I have looked it mentions having to run at a higher idle. Has anyone tried to mount a high idle switch successfully? Has one been able to run a engine run compressor?
  15. Hey guys any of you have pics of the stock grill guard? I've been looking for one for the longest but can't finding so I'm going to get one built. Any pictures would be appreciated
  16. Have you check the headlight fuses on the passenger side fender wall. They are both 10A if I recall correctly. Sorry not near my truck
  17. Does anyone know why they have a private label for $16.86 and a regular inventory for $12.60?
  18. So Im trying to restore my 95 LE RWD to its former glory and I was wondering has anyone replaced the rear window shocks mine are the originals from 20 yrs ago. If anyone has a part number or any info on how to find the part number I would really appreciate it. thanks
  19. I had this problem. What you can check is the brake pedal sensor on the back of the brake pedal. You should have two green bumpers one is for the brake lights the other is the abs sensor. I'm thinking either the bumper is cracked or the sensor has gone bad
  20. Hey guys I'm looking into shocks since I need them replaced and I'm looking into a lift will/would calminis 3" lift shocks fit on a stick setup while I get together the money to finish the lift?
  21. Thanks for the info. Well honestly I've thought about it and like you said it's all for the look. Precious1 your right I've had the drivers and passengers floor boards heat up on me once when I ran her really hard. Guys one thing I just thought about when you do a body lift do you need longer shocks?
  22. Well I was thinking of possibly doing a little of both. I mainly wanted the body lift for the separation from the frame since I have the factory nerf bars but I also want the ground clearance...

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