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  1. I just joined the NPORA and am also interested in putting a diesel in my 1992 SE. are you still involved in stuff like that. I’m also in Las Vegas.


    physicsdog777@gmail.com or Physicsdog on the NPORA SITE

  2. So I replaced my rear Stock height Springs three years ago and they are sagging badly. Four of the coils or about half of the rear spring in compressed together. I have a 1991 Pathfinder SE with the rear tire carrier and a rack up top, but no cargo load. I noticed tonight that as weak as my headlights are, they are pointed up due to the sag. I have only found one set available from MOOG. Is there another brand or a heavy duty set that I can get?
  3. My Girl Dusty has just over 261,000 miles and compression is about 95 average. Getting ready for a makeover I am considering a diesel. Has anyone done this and what would be a good starting point. I have heard the OM 617 TD from 1983 Mersaidies SD worked for a '90 toyota SR5.
  4. Hey guys, I have a quirey. Just picked up my 91 SE a month ago and I'm going through... LOTS of things. My door locks work fine inside the buggy, but when I close the door it unlocks everything, and I cant get it to lock with the key. Like something is preventing the key from turning. Also (I don't know if it's related, but) the dome light wont go out with door closure. No alarm sys that I am aware of. I would appriciate Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks.

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