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  1. Hi, hows it going? I wanted to know if there was any issues on putting 33x12.5 tyres on your pathy. I just bought a 98 and wanted to put some 32 or 33's but not sure what i need to do.Hope you can help me out. 



  2. I have the same mirror and the same problem. Mine temporarily works when it's gets super cold outside and other times it is very faint so I feel like it is probably something to do with the LCD, maybe wiring.
  3. No issues in the rain, hitting puddles at high speeds doesnt upset them and I haven't experienced any hydroplaning but that being said we don't get as much rain out here on the prairies as you do on the coast. And for off-road performance in the mud I had equal or better grip in 2wd with the KM2's than in 4wd with my old geolandar at/s before the lift. They flex really well over rocks when you deflate them too and generally I feel like they can tolerate just about any abuse.
  4. Not too bad! With the windows down in the summer you definitely hear them but with the windows up I can still have a normal conversation with people at highway speeds. They are much heavier than the duratracs though so if you are planning on doing lots of highway driving I would maybe consider going with the good years because you will lose pickup especially at cruising speeds. No issues with cornering or handling either they grip well. I have also read good things about the falken wildpeak AT so maybe check those out as well as the hankook MT. That being said I think the km2's look pretty bad ass and I am very happy with them. Hope that helps!
  5. I found out today It also happens it reverse. But on a positive note, my abs light turned off! WOOHOO
  6. Thanks! Those are 33x12.50 BFG KM2's. They are great on rocks and mud and kind of scary on hard pack snow
  7. I've got a long list of repairs up ahead of me on the pathy including changing diff fluids, brake fluid, t-case fluid, power steering fluid, CV axles, valve cover gasket, and a few other smaller repairs, but I have one issue that I am not really sure how to approach. When I let my foot off the gas I get a medium-pitch chirping from the rear end, more so on the passenger side, while in gear and intermittently while in neutral as well. It got worse when I went wheeling and got everything muddy and then better after driving it in the rain for a little, but now it dropped below freezing outside and it is the loudest it has ever been, maybe because I was driving around in 4x4. There are also accompanying vibrations at around 55km/h during deceleration. I started playing around to try and isolate it and found that if I loaded up the rear end by keeping a little bit of throttle going while braking, the vibration stops. I have an auto but if I shift it into 2nd gear and let off the gas there is a lot of chirping. Today when I was driving it also seemed like the chirping was associated with braking as well i.e harder braking more chirping, and would continue even if the transmission shifted into neutral while slowing down. If I pulled the emergency brake so it was slightly engaged the chirping would stop. Initially I thought it could be a bad u joint so I checked underneath and the joint was sturdy with very little movement, but it also looked very dusty, which from what I understand is also an indicator that the joint is compromised. Now I am thinking it might also have something to do with the drum brake/e-brake. I will also note that the e-brake sensor light is almost always on, and only sometimes turns off after driving for a few hours, but that started before the squeaking/chirping/vibrating. Anyways sorry for the long winded story but I was hoping to get some advice on where to start the repairs/diagnostics. Anything helps! Thanks!!!
  8. I am very interested in this as well! I recently put 2" spacers in my '99 and It sounds like the axles are starting to pop and squeak. Although the boots weren't in the best shape to begin with, I know that this is going to be a recurring problem if I cheap out with the same ones that I got at auto value earlier this year. I was considering getting custom axles from RCV performance but my guess is that they would not be cheap at all.
  9. So I remembered that I still had my old springs hanging around the garage, so instead of taking off one of the spacers, I decided to instal the old springs in place of the OME springs. No problems in 2wd with the CV axles anymore, but still a bit of clunking around under full throttle in 4wd on pavement at least. Im guessing it is just because I have remanufactured axles. I read a couple other offroad forums, and it seemed like some other people had the same issue of binding/clunking when lifting their IFS trucks with remanufactured axles, while others had no issues when using original equipment with the same lift. Being that my local dealership quoted me for $650 bucks/axle, I'd rather just deal with a bit of shaking. Now there is a bit more rake but it doesn't really bother me much. Maybe I will take out one of the spacers out back for a more level ride. Now if my tires would just come in!! Interested to see how much trimming will need to be done for them to fit under the front fenders...
  10. Ok! Thanks for letting me know, I will take off one of the spacers on each side then. I will post some pictures of the final product.
  11. Also, the wheel hub to fender measurements are about 21.5" front and rear.

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