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    1989 WD21 Pathfinder ST Original: 15" chrome rims, upholstery, Z24 petrol engine (470,000+ kms!) LSD rear diff, and most other parts. Replaced: Recon gearbox, 2" lifted IRONMAN suspension (yes, it's available straight out of the box from www.IRONMAN.com.au, EagleEyes parking lamps (front), extraction manifold. Other mods: alloy (damnit!) bullbar, added original roof racks +4 cross rack-bars for more strength, tinting, sports steering wheel and gear knob (fake woodgrain - it was on there when I bought the 4WD), 2002 Nissan Windsor Blue Pearl paintwork, Rigid Edge LED lightbar, LED reverse light replacements, can't remember the rest right now. Good bits: This vehicle was owned from less than 1 year old by a single family and was used by each of them as they needed a vehicle and was then purchased by me. Essentially it's entire history can be traced!
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    Alice Springs
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    4WDing, Camping, Outdoors, Pathfinder Restoration, Sustainability (odd, but ask and I'll explain)

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  1. Just realised that I hadn't replied to this, sorry.. Yeah, was kind of hoping that there would be a way to do it without having to unbolt half the front end - which removing the diff constitutes basically.. I think I'll run some silicon around the outside of the sump pan after giving it a bloody good clean, then it'll be ok for a while longer...
  2. Hey mate, The only thing it says is that you've got to remove the front diff and lift the engine/gearbox up to take the sump pan off.. which is a little bit more than I have the equipment to do at home - was kind of hoping someone might just say that it's easy to do without taking out the differential etc (perhaps by just jacking up the engine from off of the mounts, or something). This is about all the Haynes manual states (oddly Gregory's doesn't produce one for the Pathfinder that I could find but Haynes, an English company, does - and I got it from Victoria, odd..) Anyway, would love to get the FSM but this was the best I could find. Anyway.. looking complicated. Sim
  3. Anyone at all? Surely someone must know whether or not it can be done
  4. Leo94, nice spot and a very good point. 3rdtimesacharm, yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with that big 'B' pillar, though I got used to it very quickly, but I'm used to driving/riding anything so I can chop and change and get used to things fairly easily.. This was my baby..: (it underwent a transformation from 2.0i to 2.8 TDI) As you can clearly see I often went out 4wding with other owners, just need to find some Pathfinder owners near me now!
  5. Ok, just been reading through this long thread.. White needles are absolutely fine on an orange background, that appears to be pretty standard on some Pathy's.. The tip I was given for correcting my speedo needle (and tacho needle) which has warped onto the face was to take off the plastic and very carefully run a line of superglue along the back of the needle, then sit the instrument fascia upright so that it's all sitting with the needles sitting horizontal with the glue on the very top of it. The theory is that the superglue as it dries shrinks slightly, which will correct the needle if it's sitting perfectly flat lifting it off the face of the dash. Also, if that doesn't work a pair of small side cutters can trim it back 2 or 3 mm without causing any probs, though you might want to try the superglue first! *** CAUTION *** don't put the clear cover back over the dials until say at least 12 hours has past (I'm not sure of the 100% curing time for superglue, usually it's dry in minutes but full curing is something like 10 hours or so - anyway, don't put the clear cover back over them until completely cured otherwise the fumes off the superglue will stain the inside of the clear cover of the instrument panel. I'm yet to try this superglue trick, I've replaced my instrument cluster once already so will be doing this soon as both speedo and tacho gauges are sticking occasionally. (Oddly they don't stick on very hot days!)
  6. Just a tip.. as happened to me the 'race bearings' inside the gearbox went.. I'm not sure of the exact name of the bearings but everyone referred to them as the race bearings (someone mistook what I was saying and thought I was talking about racing a Pathfinder!) anyway, when the bearings went I started to get a loud whine which got progressively worse over two to three weeks.. the mechanic said it was an imminent 'bang' was what he was expecting, which was when the bearing exploded, the gearbox seized and the teeth got chewed off the gear you were using. Anyway, long and short of it was that buying a second hand gearbox and having it rebuilt, or taking my box out and having it rebuilt was a stupidly expensive task because YES, just buying the bearing kit and gaskets was about $100 here as well, but if one thing is worn it's almost a dead certainty that other things are worn, my mechanic quoted me $1,000 to rebuilt my gearbox as a starting price! I went and bought a full reconditioned box with a warranty on it for that! Good luck, but be very wary of buying a second hand box and going to rebuild your old one.. if you buy a second hand box try to drive the vehicle it's fitted too first before it's removed - so you know every gear works fine. You don't need to buy a transfer case, they are a bolt on/off box which gets next to no wear considering you are in 2WD most of the time, so it won't need replacing/ repairing in all likelihood. If you do buy a second hand box and it's ok then rebuilt THAT gearbox before you fit it.. and then buy another kit and rebuild your old box and put it in the shed as a spare. Good luck, Sim
  7. Off-roading in the UK has so many restrictions it's not funny, and any infraction on the part of the off-roader can end up with hefty fines if the cops know what they are doing.. because there is a very, very good fine for 80 pounds that's for "Driving elsewhere than a road" so if you drive in to a farmers field... you can get the fine, and if a road gets restricted it's de-listed as being a road, therefore that fine applies. There are a heap of other things that restrict it (I policed in the area I used for 4WDing so I knew exactly where I could and couldn't go and stuck to it like superglue, and if I saw someone off doing the wrong thing I would stop them and tell them if they didn't wake up I'd report them for summons). Ummm, I like the bodywork, the back side windows are painted over because they are full metal panels replacing windows to give it a smoother look, the rear window though - would've kept that as a window and perhaps limo-tinted it.. clearly it's been set up for using for something specific, the boxes in the back etc.. not as a 'shaggin-wagon' though as it's not a full bed built in.. though it'd do ok for that... but I'd say possibly some sort of trade like perhaps electronics or something.. thus making the back fairly well impenetrable and unable to see in to it. Agree that the bonnet scoop might be a fair bit OTT because it's not a Subaru Impreza! @Leo94, why do you say that it's not a genuine Safari Snorkel? (It looks like it to me, just wondering is all) When I went out 4wding (which is commonly known as "Green Laning") in the UK I used a Frontera which I converted from 2.0 litre petrol to a 2.8 TDI. Much nicer, and again, like the Pathfinder a very underrated and very capable vehicle! (and both are torsion bar front end so a lot of commonalities but I think the Frontera actually felt a little bigger)
  8. Ok folks, so I wanted to know if anyone here has changed their sump gasket without pulling the entire engine out.. I've got to change mine as it's leaking a reasonable amount (enought to have stained a mates concrete driveway now), and I want to know if it's a difficult job or if you 'can' remove the sump pan off the motor without having to lift the motor up from the engine mounts. So, any info about this would be great if you have done it, or had it done and watched. Cheers, Sim
  9. Actually no, I wasn't a boy scout, but I believe in being prepared as I was raised in the bush..
  10. Wanted to respray my bonnet today but the forecast was for 40% chance of rain. Hoping tomorrow is going to be better.. need to finish my bonnet properly!

    1. Trogdor636


      bonnet=hood for those who don't know!

  11. Lukey make some good extractors (headers).. I just put some on my Pathy and it makes it much better!I I'm also looking at changing my carby, see the other thread about Z24 fuel pressure, lots of info in there about it... Keep us updated as well, always good to get feedback (as you'll see from Dean in the latter part of that thread with regards to removing spacers etc)
  12. Take the hook off the front *(for safetys sake, please!!) and keep it as a momento (just for your info if it's a gold coloured snig chain hook then the chain it came off was probably worth around $150. I've got a tractor & snig chain too) If you leave it on the front when it manages to work itselt loose (and it WILL it's just a matter of time) and it comes off when you are doing 60 MPH up the road someone may get killed as it flicks out from under your 4wd and through their windscreen (sad part of that is no one will know where it came from but when you see it on the news you'll run out to see if it's still on your Pathy and then you'll know where it came from, but by that point it's too late!) I've found Heaps of @!*% like that on the road. I've got a tow chain hook that weighs about 5 kgs as a momento (it'll be useful on my farm when I move over there as well) of the crap that litters our roads out here in the desert.
  13. Wow a thread I missed! I've got 470,000+ kilometres on my 89 Pathy and still going strong as an ox! I always keep the oil fresh!
  14. I generally carry far too much crap but the essentials that are always there are: 5 litres of water (MINIMUM), 25 litres if over-nighting Small tool kit with multi-meter Snatch strap Long (wooden) handled shovel Swag (got to sleep somewhere, may as well be in comfort!) SatPhone, handheld UHF (handhelds are great in case something happens to your vehicle mounted ones) Metal lock box with flint striker for lighting fires, foil emergency blanket, cotton wool, hand chainsaw, chargers for everything I've got that's batt powered, and a heap of other assorted stuff and usually a can of baked beans or some noodles as backup food supply. I'm sure there is a lot more but I can't think of it all right now.. But all the above lives in the car FULL TIME. The swag is used daily for work and I add the extra 20 litres of water if I'm actually going out of town. (But hey I live in a desert so 25 litres is bugger all!) When I was in the UK with my Frontera I used to carry a plastic crate with 5 ration pack meals (including deserts) in it, tea, UHT milk, gas burner & 2 gas bottles, billy can & 5 litres of water (min). Someone asked why once... a few days later an entire motorway got shut-down due to the snow, people were freezing and being rescued by the cops.. as for me I was nowhere near it but if I was I would've just boiled up the billy, had a cuppa, had a hot meal, and waited.. no stress! Pays to be prepared for everything ALL the time in my book.. I should probably also add that I've got many of the other things listed here, things like binoculars etc live in the 4wd all the time. I don't carry lots of spares (usually one set of belts is there and a bit of oil) for the 4wd because I keep everything in tip-top shape so I shouldn't have any problems.
  15. I just got a hard copy of the Haynes repaire manual, I have finally worked out why I couldn't find them anywhere before.. firstly Gregory's who make the majority of these manuals in Australia didn't have them listed but Haynes did (UK company, go figure) and it's listed under the Nissan/Datsun Pickup and Pathfinder, so if you were looking for Pathfinder specific (which I was) you wouldn't find it at all. These seem to be fairly easy to find once you actually know what you are looking for! As with previous posts I'm happy to scan small sections at once if required, or go to one of the above download links perhaps

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