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  1. I never got it done, i kept the 95 dash in the truck, was hurting for a vehicle and that was an option I had, but i am planning a SAS when i get my F1@!*%ty on the road though
  2. I have a 95 and from what Kyle said is how mine is mounted, though mine is crooked from the last owner, and I have not fixed it yet. I am just missing the head light protectors, the last owner took them off because they affected night time driving for him.
  3. I used the old races to pound in the new ones with a ball pein hammer, it worked out pretty good for me. You can also use a brass punch, i used to use one of them to set races in the hubs of tractor trailers, just make sure you do it evenly or you will have a lot of fun getting that race in.
  4. It amplifies the signal you push out of your radio, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_amplifier
  5. I will be hitting up Wharton State Forest, as well as surrounding areas today, scouted out some new trails yesterday
  6. I bought mine not thinking about other options, so my only option now is to make it work, and for $13 i felt i got a deal, When it gets nice out i will make it work, and it comes with hardware so you can convert it from power, other then that you could shove a wire coat hanger in the power antenna jack
  7. Would that support a 3 Pill linear? i intend on using the second battery for a CB linear as well as lighting (both not to be used at the same time)
  8. I have found if i let off it will shift but it seems to like them high R's and i do not, dont need it to pop lol, Though i would like to put a 3.3L in my truck
  9. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_12044NI24/Nissan-Antenna.html I bought that antenna instead of messing with the power antenna, for $13 i figured it was a great deal, the funny part is my antenna is stuck up, and i have just left it alone. When it gets warmer out i will replace it for sure.
  10. Wharton State Forest is a lot of fun for trail riding, plus there is the sand, blueberry mud, yellow clay, cranberry bogs, just have to remember that Pine goes up quick, so put the ashtray to use if your a smoker. There is Plenty of trails and hills that is for sure.
  11. I have been debating on what to do for more juice, I was thinking of having two 6 volt batteries set up to be 12 volt to run a sound system, or extras for a CB, or if i should get a nice deep cycle 12 volt battery. I have also been debating a second alternator. The battery i figure would be best to be located in the rear of the truck in a box secured to the floor. This is something i have been debating on what to. along with trying to figure out where to mount one of my CB's that i have.
  12. I found it easiest to drop the Idler arm and bring it out the front, Took me 4 hours to do, but next time will be far less because i know the trick now.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, but it was the starter. The old starter would crank slowly at times like the battery was dying, and took longer to start. I replaced it and it is up and running again. The starter i got from Autozone has a nice lifetime warranty for as long as I own the truck so I will be set
  14. The first harness is in my 95, I think it depends on the audio option with the vehicle, I didn't have the BOSE so i think that is the difference.
  15. You could get the Xterra rack with the flip up lights in them. They are cool and kind of like hide away lights. Being in New Jersey it is nice because the police are bad about having covers on off road lights . I have debated them with my 95 but it has the stock rack with a wing on the back so i have just left it alone, for now.

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