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  1. Finally got new tires! 1990 SE stock suspension 31x10.50x15 do I trim the flares or remove all together? The rears rub during normal driving. No rub in the front.
  2. Nice. Looks like something fun for me and the boy to work on!
  3. Good to know. I'm sittin at 194k. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think I can get another hundred thousand or so out of it!
  4. That's pretty cool. I woulda gone a bit bigger, but you didn't make it for me did ya?! I'd like to see a pic from the side if you get a chance.
  5. 9.5 No road salt in Flagstaff. Lots of winter accidents though! Always funny to see everyone freak out when it snows!
  6. Has anyone tried any of the cat back systems from 4x4parts.com?
  7. Today I got her stuck for the first time. I am thankful for kind strangers, old climbing ropes and big ole mud holes!
  8. I tow with my 5sp wd21 all the time! I do worry about being too hard on the tranny. My utility trailer weighs about 600lbs empty, and it's never empty! I live/play/work at 7000ft with lots of hills. Your truck will pull more than it should, just not too fast! If you can be patient in traffic you'll be just fine. If not sell me your rig and get something bigger! Best of luck!!
  9. FSM is available for free? Please enlighten me!
  10. Sounds like the trouble your having is with the evaporative emissions and not with the exhaust. The link you found is a great set of detailed instructions. Doing this yourself will save you a ton of money! You should start with the spark plugs. If you've never had them done since you've owned it, then they are probably due. This is also a great indicator of weather or not you should tackle the evap can! You should buy a Hayne's or Chiltons repair manual specific to your car(about $30). They give really good step by step instructions and list the tools you'll need as well as photos and diagrams. I hope this helps!
  11. Hi everybody. I've been signed up for a while but haven't posted anything. I have found a lot of useful info on here, so thanks! I'm sure I'll be on here in the near future as I'm getting ready to start some mods.
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