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  1. I was thinking about ordering this as well. Any links w/ recommended struts and springs would help me out a lot. Thanks.
  2. Who made the SFD you're using?
  3. Haha well the plan is to get my 15" steelies, install 31"s, and install the 2" AC lift. THEN in about 8-9 months, install the SFD and get some 33"s. Good Plan?
  4. Could I do the AC lift along with this http://www.krfabs.com/product_detail.php?productID=2 Or no?
  5. Also, what suspension component would y'all recommend to go along with it?
  6. I've been looking into a subframe drop lately, specifically this one http://www.krfabs.com/product_detail.php?productID=2 However, I just do not have all the tools required to install it, and my work (Goodyear) won't let us install outside purchase parts, and I can't order that kit through them. Needless to say, I'll need to find a local mom-and-pop to install it. My question is, how much should I expect ten to charge me for this?
  7. Can I run my stock wheels after I install the AC 2" lift https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-suspension-package-p-1553.html Or will I have to wait until I get my rims and 31"s as well and do it all at once?
  8. After having owned my first pathfinder (and therefore searching for parts this whole time as well) I've come to the disheartening realization that there is almost NO support for this vehicle in the aftermarket, aside from jugaboo rims and tacky accents. It seems that only 3 people even "mass produce" lift kits for these, and they're only modest (no bigger than 2.5") at best. Not knocking these manfacturer's products AT ALL, but just wondering why only a hand few of peoPle seem to care about te pathfinder, specifically the R50's (I've seen more first, third, and current gen stuff, but still not much more). I know the jeep is the popular choice for off roading, or any type of 'yota, but what's "wrong" with the pathfinder that seems to not attract people to it like other 4x4 SUVs? Again, I'm new to this, so perhaps I've missed something in all this (please don't flame me) but it has genuinely been bugging me as to why this vehicle gets almost no after market support. Thanks!
  9. DO WANT a NPORA sticker like that! Which user/thread do I need to hit up?
  10. And there's no rubbing when you turn the wheel all the way?
  11. Because I'll be able to get my tires before my lift
  12. Post pics please? I'm trying to get an idea of what my 98 will look like with them on 15"s
  13. You know I just took a look at this front end, and it's got the "nose dive" going on. I think the front suspension may actually be bad like you said, devonianwalk. It's just I've never known heard a bad strut make THIS kind of noise. It always been a squeaking screeching groaning type noise, not a clunk thud noise.
  14. The struts are "Sensatrac" brand. Again, she also told me that she was told by some shop that this was the issue as well, but I'm just trying to learn here

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