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  1. Completely agree and understand with the above posts, I'm still keen as once you're confident that it'll work and be reliable the way I see it is that it is a hell of a lot better than the standard set up..
  2. That's fair enough, from what I've seen on this thread I would buy them right now
  3. This looks awesome!! Do you take orders so I could also do this to my Terrano??
  4. Yeah I'm hearing ya I have black wheels on my other car and I can say one thing they a basted to keep clean lol Over the last week I've also fitted two power outlets in the back and a nice 40LED light bar to my bull bar which I'm very impressed with
  5. Must say I can't get over ther rust on the chassis as my 88 terrano is no where near as bad as that, but I think I recall seeing on the forum somewhere about there being salt on some roads over your way due to the snow/ice being so bad but I could be mistaken.. By the way awesome job and write up so far keep it coming
  6. Nissan Terrano Pathfinder TD23 TD25 TD25 TD27T TD27 Manual Nissan Workshop Manual for TD series diesel engines Read More 4.99 AUD Details Add to Cart
  7. Nissan Pathfinder D21 WD21 Workshop Manual Complete workshop manual for the D21 & WD21 Nissan Pathfinder and Navara Inclucdes: -General Information -Maintenance -Engine Mechanical -Engine Lubrication & Cooling Systems -Accelerator Control, Fuel & Exhaust Systems -Clutch -Manual Transmission -Automatic Transmission -Trasfer -Propeller Shaft & Differention Carrier -Front Axle & Front Suspension -Rear Axle & Rear Suspension...... Read More 5.00 AUD Details Add to Cart
  8. Few pic's after I had the terrano detailed And a couple of in action pics from my last trip
  9. Ok well couple of updates swapped the iron man lifted rear springs from the pathfinder to the terrano and the foam cell shocks, then decided to give it a buff here's the after pics Also fitted a set of 32in all terrains to it the other day which suits my driving more than the set of mud Tyres that I coul literally see wearing away
  10. Yeah there are certain areas here that have never been completely logged which is good, where abouts are you located?
  11. Yeah it's not bad had a bit of work done to and was quite quite cheap Here's a tree I found yesterday that had been blown over the track for some time by the looks of it..
  12. Couple of new additions Shovel mounts Tyre pressure sensors fitted Also went to order my ARB winch bar and they won't be available until April and that's only once they have enough back ordered either way I can't wait 4 months to have it.. Personally I think this is pretty poor on ARB's behalf.. Few action shots from a day out over Xmas The Meeting point let the fun begin My brothers 89 hilux and my terrano
  13. Ok well home from work and got the tranny in and back together enough for a test drive and all seems well.. Very happy with it and feels quite good to drive just need to wind the torsion bars up more and replace the front uni's before I fit the front shaft and that will be be the last of the big jobs that need doing straight away before it's first adventure

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