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  1. Thanks man...yeah I remember that converter before. Hopefully I find some tires soon. But I was thinking maybe wait a month, save some more money and buy them during the 4th of July specials. I still have to buy the city sticker which is $150 total. Sent from my HTC One V using Tapatalk 2
  2. hey guys im asking for some suggestion as to what tire size i should get. im tight on money!! the oe size is obviously 255/65r16 but im having trouble finding them for a reasonable price to me. ive calcuated sears price and its a fairly good price to me under 500 all 4, installed. but i was wondering just in case what other size i can put on without changing the MPH or the odometer. any opinion or suggestion is welcomed. P.S. i searched for tires but all threads came back for off-road tires and tires for a lifted pathy. mine is all stock. Not looking for off road, im looking for regular city tires.
  3. bolt pattern is 6x139.7 same as 6x5.5 96-99 i belive will fit 15inche rims 99.5+ you need 16inch and above EDIT: center bore is 100mm other nissan trucks/suvs above '04 changed to 6x114
  4. towncivilian- no i have not changed the trans oil. you recomend i should? if so which type? thanks for your response!!
  5. im getting annoyed by the 2nd gear (auto) shifting semi-hard at around 3-4k rpms below or above rpm's is less noticeable sometimes shifts perfectly. i bought the pathy like this 2 years ago...so i dont think transmission is going out! will a simple drain/flush refill, maybe synthetic oil help?? any suggestion/comments are appreciated!! 99.5 LE 4x4 AUTO Canadian
  6. Well, the steering wheel stoped shaking completely. I cant fell the pathy shaking/wobbling but yes i will be on the lookout for another rim or set of rims on CL.
  7. Finally got it fixed!! Turns out to be a bent rim. So i just put the rear ones to the front. Thanks guys!!
  8. well, i did the balancing and it did not help. i will take it for a check-up to a local mechanic maybe they can figure it out.
  9. So any of you had the same thing? If so, what did you do to fix it?? It shakes side to sie under normal driving, slow or fast. My guess is a tire may have a bump somewhere.
  10. So i bought these frontier oe rims but they dont fit, necessarily. You'll need spacers at the front maybe rear, and in my case, extended wheel studs. Now to sell them on my local craigslists. I thought ill let you all know. http://carphotos.cardomain.com/ride_images/3/576/4521/26439760012_large.jpg 99.5 pathy It doesn't let me insert image so i just posted the link.
  11. frontier wheels; to mount or to trade??

  12. looking for 99.5+ center caps

  13. looking for a 99.5 LE center cap! six spoke rims (3 fat 3 skinny)

  14. i cant tell if the odometer is in miles or KMs but the speedometer is in MPH. to me seems like the original dash. p.s. in the vin report, it does say rollback.
  15. http://www.getvin.com/ i checked my VIN right now and the truck was originally from Canada, eh! then got into an accident in Wisconsin. but the thing that surprised me the most was the mileage read. 08/30/2010 MIDWEST REGION 152,728 Auto Auction REPORTED AT AUTO AUCTION AS DEALER VEHICLE then i registered here at Chicago. SHOULD I BE WORRIED??? 06/21/2011 CHICAGO, IL 128,000 Independent Emission Source PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION worries me a little bit. but the truck runs flawless!! and the recent call about rusted struts, i was scared but it passed. overall im happy with the truck!

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