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  1. https://tc2300s.imgbb.com/   Finally found website that I could get along with to post pictures.

    1. tc2300s


      Just saw that most of my pics are not up... I put a few more.

  2. I'm having a time and a half trying to reduce picture sizes and upload. Yes, I am a dummy and not technologically advanced. I do have some more pics I just took yesterday...if anyone is interested, message me with your number and I can text some of them. Or, anyone have other ideas that do not involve a image hosting website.

    Thanks, Scott

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    2. tc2300s


      She is heavy duty...without a doubt. I am refining the bumper, at the time it was made, it just needed to pass safety inspection. The bumper is 1/8" skinned on 1/4" thick box tube. Rear is similar(cut from the same cloth) but looks much nicer.

    3. Soul_13


      Definitely bad ass looking

    4. tc2300s


      Thanks, everyone who knows me...knows my truck. Gets quite a bit of attention and alot of smiles wherever I go.

  3. Well... I am getting dangerously close to posting pics, I only hope that people will enjoy these pics and not pick my rig apart. I have owned her about 20 years. Yes, it is built with left overs, recycled parts, reclaimed items, repurposed items and junk. I like it very well and have driven 60,000 or more since SAS. Has the VG30i with some mods (plenty of power) and is still evolving.

  4. Love those Pathfinders.

  5. Hello everyone !!! Been busy and no time to visit the site. Yet, glad to be back here and share some of my Pathfinder pride !!! Let's hear it for those wd21's !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Done a tranny swap before too with no parking lot, just dirt and some grass.

  7. I really like your truck ....cool. What kind of steering box/linkage does it have ???

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