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  1. I have noticed that it helps to hold the back end down at speeds over 180mph.
  2. I always use 89. Only because the shell station I usually go to says "no ethanol" on the middle grade and premium choices.
  3. Since I am 62 years old and retired I can't call myself a newbie at much of anything. Married 3 times (so far, ha)served in Desert Storm, went to jail for street racing back in the day. Wrenching on vehicles, boats, chainsaws, you name it all my life. Lots of stories I could tell but only 5% are pathfinder related. The only reason I have a pathfinder is that I was at my father's house in Mississippi and his old '89 that he bought new was sitting under a tree with grass grown up all around it. I asked if it was broken down and he said the only thing wrong with it is that it needs brakes and a muffler. I asked what he wanted for it and he said "you can have it" It only had 60k miles on it then, has 138k now. I might be the oldest person on here but luckily I can still crawl under vehicles to do my own repairs. I have always done my own work on all of my approx 50 vehicles over the years except a tractor clutch and an outdrive rebuild on an inboard/outboard boat. Will post pics of pathfinder one of these days. It is just stock with faded red paint and a ramsey wench. Just did a timing belt on it. I also have a 97 Maxima with 107k and an '02 Buick with 74k. I usually drive the pathfinder. Automatics are boring.
  4. Its good to know I can't die young. You can have my boat, it is only an old sunbird with a 140 I/O and mercruiser outdrive. Luckily, I can still crawl around under vehicles and like to work on stuff.
  5. Sorry I made a big deal. Hadn't really thought about that. I'm a johnny come lately talking about stuff that has been kicked around for many years. There are only so many things you can talk about on an 87-89 pathfinder.
  6. I was really posting that for somebody that might be cruising through here looking for easy DIY things that they used to have done at an auto repair shop. If only the old pathfinder guys from many years are the only ones reading these posts then we are sort of only preaching to the choir. The alternator and ps belts on these are a tiny bit unique from some other vehicles I have worked on. Looking at the garage/how to section I don't see anything about stock alternators. Don't really see how the post was irritating enough to trigger a personal insult.
  7. I didn't say I was looking for any b.s ing. Seems to me the only people that read this forum are people that either have an old pathfinder or are looking at one to possibly buy. Some people don't even change their own oil. Seems like a quick tutorial how to might help somebody not to have to take their vehicle to a repair shop. What else is this forum for? I doubt if every reader on this forum has done an alternator belt. It would look very difficult to do looking at it from the top. I wasn't saying I could do anything special. Don't know what a po ho thread is.
  8. Timing belt was 3 weeks ago. Maybe that is more interesting. Think I will quit posting here. Not a too friendly chat place.
  9. Gotcha. High performance high dollar engine.
  10. For me at 138K a used 5 speed trans has been the only real repair. Everything else has been routine wear items, timing belt, ps and alt. belt, brake pads etc. Also did new clutch, pressure plate and bearing while the trans was out. Also clutch master cyl and the slave cylinder.
  11. Who is gonna mess with theirs first to see what it does?
  12. Just tightened my alternator belt. That is a pie job once the front skid plate is off. Loosen one bolt from the top, one from the bottom and turn the tightening bolt. All 3 bolts are the same size. 15/20 min job including the skid plate. In case anybody needs to do theirs.
  13. Guess thats me, old chevy guy. Anyway it has 2 cams that are over the heads lol. No pushrods.
  14. Even though my 89 is old the technology it came with was outstanding for it's day. Cruise control, fuel injection, power windows, electric rear window release, dual o.h. cams, sunroof, heated backglass and rear wiper etc were state of the art in 89. Other items standard were sometimes optional in other cars-front discs, and am/fm cassette. Most cars had p.s. and p.b. My 4wd before this was an 89 chevy blazer. It had amazing pulling power in 4wd but at the same 140k miles it was starting to smoke on startup (valve guides) and starting to rattle on startup (excessive bearing clearance) My pathfinder has no wear indicators that I can see yet. No engine rattles, no leaks, nothing. Of course, I don't know the history of the old blazer before I had it. My pathfinder was bought new by my father so I know it had oil changes all its life. When I changed the plugs recently they were all clean with no deposits.
  15. True, I guess clunker is the wrong word. Old doesn't relate to clunker. People driving restored classics worth many thousands of dollars hardly feel they are driving a clunker.
  16. Why do we drive these old clunkers? They will be an antique in a few years. Even though the parts aren't supported like a Toyota they seem to hold up as good or better than anything ever made it seems. 4 wheelers love jeeps but it seems like they break down and break parts.
  17. Fixed it. I am surprised that a change from tbi to port injection only gives an 8 hp claimed increase. That was in the early days of F.I. Sometimes people mistake a tbi for a 4bbl carb.
  18. In case anybody was wondering and didn't know, the horsepower rating of the VG30i is 145h.p. and the VG30e is 153. My 89 runs amazingly well to only have 145 hp.
  19. I was reading other forums and people sometimes give horrible advice. A girl writes that her 88 pathfinder turns over fine but will not start. Advice was to check in this order: alternator/starter/battery. What worthless advice. If somebody has no clue they should not chime in.
  20. Just noticing rpm vs speed on my 89 today. With 10.50/31 tires: 60mph 2800, 63mph 3000, 65mph 3100, 70mph 3300, 75mph 3600. (5 speed)
  21. What is the top speed of a tbi model, about 100/105? Port injected 90-95? 105/110?
  22. I just changed the oil in my 89 pathfinder and 97 maxima with perolators and castrol gtx. In the past I have always changed the oil at 3,000 miles but this time I went to almost 5,000 in both. On many forums you read "you are wasting money if you change your oil earlier than the manufacturer's recommended schedule" and "3000 mile oil changes were just something started by quick oil change companies" etc The old oil was black as ink at nearly 5000. I am staying with my old 3,000 mile schedule, or at least well before 4,000.
  23. My backglass window and also the tailgate door shocks don't hold open anymore. I drilled a hole in one of the shocks on each one and now I just stick a rivet or nail in the hole to hold the window or tailgate open. Anybody do anything as crappy as this or am I the only one?
  24. What would be an example of when you would need the interlock switch to be ativated? I have never used it on my 89 but it still works. I can activate the starter with the clutch out? What for? Have never seen that on any other vehicle I don't think.

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