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  1. Yes that is the part! Good to know it hasn't caused you any issues. I have just always had it on so didn't know any better. The part I would be most worried about is the off-roading.
  2. Hey Guys, So I have finally snapped enough bolt heads on the front splash shield from removing it every time I do an oil change that I no longer have enough attachment points to hold it up anymore. Is there anyone who has been running around without it on for awhile? I am nervous that the areas that were once covered will now begin developing issues if I do not cover them back up. Luckily it is now spring, but once winter comes around it might be an issue. I have tried getting the remaining portion of the bolt out, but everything I have tried has been a failure so far. Any advice? Maybe I am worrying about nothing...
  3. So, you were right, I opened them up and sure enough I forgot to install the clip on both sides! Yikes! All set now and everything is tightened back down so I'll take it for a spin and see if it miss behaves again. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I do believe there was, maybe I just need to tear into it and check.
  5. I noticed something new today that has brought some concern to my attention.... It started with vibration and shake in the wheel going 55mph while cruising/braking/accelerating/etc. it always shakes. It is speed dependent, so my first thoughts like usual are wheel out of balance or somehow lost alignment. So, I looked under the truck and grabbed the half shaft and noticed that I could move it maybe an inch back and forth in and out of the hub on both sides. I don't remember this being like this in the past? I have warn hubs installed, so naturally I put them back in 4x4 to lock them back and see if this could change anything. I drove it again that night after moving the half shafts and locking the hubs and did not notice anything again. I drove it again today and it seemed to come back, but once I made a few sharp turns it went back to normal, which leads me to think something is wrong with the half shafts. I do have the OME lift installed as well. Any ideas? I looked at my 04 which is still all stock and I was not able to move the half shafts at all in or out. Do I need to tear into my hubs again to see what might be going on? Maybe it is not locking at all anymore. Help Please!
  6. Ok, Then I will give it a shot and see how it goes. Going to have to wait till it's warm enough though...
  7. So I currently have a 96 that I put OME's 1.75" lift on, but now I am contemplating swapping it from my 96 to my 04. Is this possible to do, or are there some minor differences that will get in the way of making this possible? Any pointers of things I should be looking at specifically?
  8. Mine is doing the skipping thing right now and I could not figure out why at exactly the same range of RPM. Good to know its something simple to fix!
  9. Dude, I have so many of these...In college I did this all the time parking in the lot. There was always a shortage of spots and these were always open. These were all before the lift and new wheels too!
  10. I wouldn't say it's the alternator unless your having trouble starting back up once it cuts out on you. However I would check the ground wire for the alternator, because if it moves around at all, it is possible for it to kill itself. A long shot, but worth checking. Also, I would check the MAF wiring. Try running it and then moving the wires that connect to the MAF and see if there is a loose wire anywhere. I had that problem before and could not figure out why my truck kept stalling out on me. Do you run high octane gas, when running gas?
  11. Thanks guys for the help! This was timing belt number 2 and it doesn't get the mileage it once used to everyday so I'm not sure there will be a third. Took it back to the shop and they swore up and down that everything was aligned but said they would look at it. Got a call 4 hours later and they said well it looks like the timing was off a little bit... stupid stupid. Picked it up and it drives as good as new again. I did have the trans flushed too so he was thinking it was related to that even though I knew he was talking out of his butt to cover himself. Last time I will be going there.. still was about half the price of having it done at the dealer.
  12. I drove it again today and it does idle at 750 in drive but there is more vibration felt now like imbalance. It also has a hard time getting up to speed on the highway and maintaining 70 requires a lot more pedal than before. The garage is closed until after Christmas so I guess it has to wait...very disappointing and I know they are not going to want to open it back up the check the belt.
  13. I'll have them check that. Does the throttle need to be re learned? Not sure if that could be the reason.
  14. Yeah but it is an interference belt. I thought it either works or doesn't. Didn't know there was a chance for it to be slightly off...
  15. Does anyone know the typical Idle speed in Drive? I thought it was like 900 to 1000 RPM. I just recently had my timing belt done by a shop and got the truck back tonight and it seems very sluggish and idles at like 700 RPM and sounds like it is choking itself out. It was very sluggish on the highway too. Its a 96 3.3L by the way.
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