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  1. Hey all, Looking to see what the feeling is on lifting a r50 with coil spacers? Also, I was wounder, what height is the max for the control arms in the rear before you need to get longer ones? this is what I am talking about when I say coil spacers. ( In case there was confusion) http://sfcreation.com/t/pathfinder-1996-2004-r50-platform
  2. Hello All, This is a rather embarrassing thing to ask but I need to know where the powersteering reservoir is located on the 1998 pathfinder and i cant seem to locate it. All the images I have (Haynes and internet) show it in a location that doesnt hold true on my pathy... Reason being, every time i turn the steering all the way from left to right a loud squeezing sound comes from the car. The general consensus from the internet is could be a result of low power steering fluid levels. Correct? Thank you for your insight,
  3. Also if anyone has an recommendation for what kind of OBD II reader that would be great too. thanks
  4. Temperature doesnt seem to make it better or worse. Its a manual. Not sure about the type of fuel in the tank, but it happens winter and summer. Running time also doesnt seem to make a difference. trany and diff fluid as changed about 2 months ago. thanks for the feed back.
  5. Hey, So, like the title states, im getting what feels like a lose of power to the wheels for brief moments while driving in 1st and 2nd without the accelerator pressed in. It's not a stalling feelings, rather a lurching. To try and give a rudimentary diagram: driving in 1st or 2nd accelerator pressed in-> lift off power-> crawl-> power lose-> second later power back-> lose of power.... until I give it gas again. Also, I get this when starting of a stop light or full stop in general. However, this could be better described as something holding on to the rear axle, but for a moment, and then releasing it. the sound that it makes is rather concerning. I was hoping to get some insight. thanks for your ideas.
  6. Yah I just found some on Amazon for 23-150 bucks. What should I look for? as in what companies are crap ect..
  7. well better said where I live there are no Autozones
  8. I live in canada and I dont think there is an autozone around here.
  9. Yah I was thinking that 1000 was way over priced and thats why i didnt have them work on it. Im thing at the cost of 60-80 buck per sensor I would just do all of them at once, save the hassel. Does anyone still have the part numbers from the ones they used?
  10. yah that what I was thinking when they told me the cost. Im not sure which one is busted, they wouldnt tell me, Ill call back and see if someone will just tell me now, its been a week, hopefully they will let it slip.
  11. So I have been noticing that a) I was getting terrible mpg and there was some white smoke coming from the exhuast when I accelerated/ started up the car. So I started to check my oil levels, nothing. So I gave up and took it the garage. They hooked it up to the machine, did a diagnostics and found that it was an o2 sensor (1 of 4) that was shot. They wanted to charge me something like 1000 for all 4 and 350 for just the one that was busted. I did some research and found that parts on the Nissan parts site, they are about 150 a piece and read some articles on how to do it. My question is if anyone has done this and would care to tell me how hard it is. From the write up I feel like im am capable enough to undertake this, but I have been bitten off more then I can chew before and I'm a bit gun shy. I guess the part Im the least clear on is the reconnecting of the sensor wire back to the wire harness. If anyone has some input I would greatly appreciated it.
  12. You speak of the "death whine" I was hoping you might be able to elaborate on that. As it would appear that my path 98 is doing some whining of its own. But only when the clutch is dis-engaged ( foot off the clutch, neutral or ingear) I have had the clutch re done and the whine is still there so I think its the tranny and would like to know how to remidy it ( as in alternative to getting a new tranny). Thanks
  13. Any way that you might be able to post some photos?
  14. So the engines service light came, so I took in to the shop for a little check up. Turns out that one of the O2 sensors is dead. From my conversation with the mechanic there are 4 in total, 2 for each cat. Now my question is are these difficult to change out, and is it a bit deal if I dont replace them?? thanks,

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