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  1. I did, I got a reply immediately from him for my interest in a cl. soon as i asked about my refund, nothing... still working with paypal
  2. I still havent gotten a refund after all my dealings with paypal and their people..............
  3. I did the paypal thing again and just like in march, they say his paypal is suspended and has no money in the account, therefore no refund for me. Im goin to go through Visa again to see what I can do.
  4. Needed the cash to help pay off the new car. And I needed to stop dumping cash into it to keep it going. BTW thanks for the help mx.
  5. I sold my pathy today after having it on the market for about 3 weeks. I got 3300 for it cash - was asking 3800. I think the guy got a steal, it had its issues but was very nice. Im not leaving yet until I find Phil and get my f*cking money! So ill see you on here until then, in other words, ill never be leaving
  6. 88 is right again. everytime i have a small leak, i tighten the valve cover screws and BAM, its good for a few hundred miles - it looks like a RMS leak. The valve cover gaskets and grommets are shot, its about a 500 dollar job to replace both sides.
  7. go to autozone and phycially by a centerlink in person. they work fine for mild 4wheeling.
  8. very cool, i just took my tire carrier off because it weighed the rear end down so much.
  9. anyone know how to have PayPal try to get my money back? I won the dispute but on March 11, they couldnt get funds out of his account for the refund.
  10. you lucky bastard. Im still out 345 bucks. F*cker. Why cant paypal get my money for me?

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