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  1. I actually think it looks really good. makes a cleaner more sophisticated look. How much did that set you back? Are you selling the original?
  2. ya ive already put a new filter and flushed it myself and thats probably the reason it broke. it started to leak about a week after i did the flush. could too much fluid really cause a leak this big?
  3. SON OF A B!TCH. it was hard. i thought you had to take the tranny off first and then unbolt the TC. alright o well. im just going to replace all the seals front and back. is there anything else that i should replace while im down there. the shifting was bad because my fluid was burnt black and im the dumbass that doesnt bother checking the fluid.
  4. how do you recondition the transfer case? and how do you take the TC off? it looks like it bolts in from the front into the TC or is it that it bolts into the flywheel?
  5. i pulled it out and im going to replace all the seals and stuff. How do i know if the problem is a seal or the TC its self? is the fluid inside the torque converter different then the ATF?
  6. so if i put too my fluid in it the input shaft o ring could come out?
  7. this all happened sat. i took the back way to crown king in AZ and completed it but on the drive home my check engine soon went on. i didnt think it was a big deal and i would get it checked out soon, like the light said. well i wake up the next morning and theres a big puddle of ATF under it. I turn it on and i can see that it is clearly leaking from where the trans is mounted to the engine. ya im running out of fluid pretty quick. after about 45 sec of running ive got a pretty big puddle ya so ya.. . . . basically ive never seen this happen before and im guessing im going to have to pull the trans out. but what do you guys think? :oops:
  8. its going to be a bitch to put in so im not going to want to do it for a loooooong time. so i think im going to splurg and get a brand new one. thanks for the offer though!
  9. ya i had the same thing, it took me almost a full tank of gas to go 120 mi last weekend! as soon as i got back from my road trip my check engine soon light came on. i took it to autozone to check it. the code it was putting out was the torque converter. which would explain the crappy gas mileage. i also wanted to ask at what rpm is your engine at when your going 70 mph. im at 3k going 70 that seems a little high right? so i start looking for torque converters and i cant find one online. are they only a dealer item or can i get them somewhere else? about how much do they cost?
  10. ya i just looked back at that. i feel like a dumbass. at least im getting better milage.
  11. where did you get that from? i looked online on http://www.internetautoguide.com/car-speci...nder/index.html and it says 13.1.
  12. no and no. i just bought it 6 months ago. the guy that had it before me was a lexus dealer mechanic so he prob took good care of it. i will do that fuel injector cleaner thing and see how old the timing belt looks. my tranny could prob use a flush too. anything else i could do?
  13. so i did some research. the original specs is 13.1 mpg! what was nissan thinking come on now. im going to do what you say and hopefully it will get a little better.
  14. horrible! about 10 mpg. nothing is acting up except when i put cruse control on it surges on a level road. 97 pathfinder v6 auto 4x4 160k mi
  15. o ya def. once i get it all mounted then ill start on the sheet metal. along with the skid plate. its far from done. i also tried to fix my camber but it didnt go in far enough i would have to grind some metal off the strut or that thing that bolts into the strut. whats that called?
  16. better. i think so. thats a winch mount on the bottom with the lights resting on it. that and the bumper will be connected with some tube so it will look like one.
  17. i kinda like you not having a job now max. you answer all my questions really fast. hows that going?
  18. quick question: how would you guys recomend fixing the camber? i could jus drill the top hole on the strut a little bigger but then there would be chance of some slop and i dont want that.
  19. lol so tomarrow im going to fix the camber first and then work on the bumper. im going to take off the rest of the bumper and see if i should still narrow it. ive been very lucky i guess because ive been driving it around for about 2 or 3 months without a bumper and even takin it out 4 or 5 times without hurting anything.
  20. it kinda just went together like that. bad measuring too i guess. i guess it turned out for the better though cause now i have enough room to tuck a winch in there. i think what are the dimensions of 9k winch? also im getting 33s so the tire will be sticking out a couple of inches so the bumper will line up with maybe. i guess bigger is better.
  21. ya im still in the planing fase. if i did take it off the top there would be, i think, too big of a gap between the body. ill expirement with it more tomarrow. and take some more pics.
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