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  1. sounds like we're going to run poker flat wednesday.. who's in?
  2. talked to steeevo... anyone up for going wednesday or thursday?
  3. wheeling 17th-19th will be hard for me.. anytime after that will be fine with me... not during the weekend would actually probably be better for me though but I could still do it.
  4. I'm willing to hit any kind of trails =o but no I've never been up there wheeling.
  5. I think I'll be good to go. I'm only like an hour or two away depending on where I am.
  6. yozsi want to go this sunday? sounds like a decent showing of other trucks is going to be there
  7. yozsi I never see you online :O 2 day techno concert in LA? sweeet
  8. who's down? yooozzzsssiii???
  9. http://pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?...ille+mix+canyon If you think it's too hardcore for us you're wrong.. I go up all the time and have fun.. there are easier trails. I plan on airing down and doing some harder stuff this weekend too. And of course it's fun to watch the built trailered rigs up there too.
  10. Anyone wanna come? *Cough yozsi cough* I've mentioned it before. It's up in the hills by Vacaville... I'll post the pirate4x4 thread when I get home
  11. is this what I need? Fine thread? It says "where high strength is not needed" so I dunno =O but it's the only 14mm x 1.5 I can find http://www.boltdepot.com/product.aspx?cc=2...=21&cd=1384
  12. JoeBob

    JGC lift

    yes... I forget... yes... and yes. Want specifics? There's a crapload already on these topics.. and there's a nifty search function to find them ^^
  13. Gym Class Heroes - Peace Sign-Index Down just got a sub in my truck so I'm back into a rap phase ah hah..
  14. yeah the rod that comes out of the steering box is pretty beefy unlike the one in the idler arm.. so I doubt it broke
  15. OMG they did that to me too! except my truck was up in the air in a shop with no steering...... they weren't happy with me... thx calmini

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