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  1. I got the kit from ac. It is easy to install and works nice. My only problem with it is that it dont have the wire to override surge brakes in reverse. I hope its not thred jacking, but since you have everyones attention, Is there a kit for our pathys to overrride surge brakes while in reverse or can I just have a swith that either grounds or provides 12v that I can switch on when I go into reverse?


    Anyways, I thought that might be something to consider if your trailer or any trailer you might tow has surge brakes.

  2. I would like to relocate my oil filter. Does anyone have pictures of their different setups? I would like to know what brand and what vehicle its for. I would like to mount my filter under the hood with the bottom facing up preferably (like on old rx7s)


    I would like something I could walk into a parts store and order, Parts stores in my town are Autozone (I dont like our local autozone though), O'reiles, advance auto, car quest, and napa. Part #s would help too if you have them. Basicially, I want to change my oil at 6k miles since Im using fully synthetic but I still want to change my filter at 3. Plus I dont like spiling the oil all over the frame where it does.


    Any pics of where you mounted the filter would help. Thanks!

  3. she dont want you to perform surgery from her....

    Humm, I dunno about the pellets. I have heard just as many people say they work as Ive heard say they dont. If my tires go out of balance this quickly, Id rather not balance them at all, and if the pelets work I only have to do it once, if they dont, Im out a few $.

    Maybe I should try marbles lol. No searously, how bout them?

  4. 4x4le, do you have any pics or anything of where you put those little foam pads? anything would be greatly appreciated.

    No, sorry, I didnt think to take any pictures. All I did, was have someone drive my truck aroud on bumpy back roads while I didasameled the dash and glove box and vents. I had some foam blocks I stole from work (I work in a factory making interior items for nissan) and stuck them in places to eliminate the rattles. I stuck my hands on the vents and the such when there were rattles and then put stuff in there to make them stop rattling. I put a wash cloth in 1 spot. The thing is, everything rattles again. I probable fixed the old rattles, but i think the rattles I have again are new. I think my rattles have to do with out of balance tires. They were balanced when I got them, but I think they need them again, I think Im going to but airsoft pellets in them so they will just be balanced and stay balenced. My pictures probable wouldnt help because our rattles are probable different.


    Some places I know I put them are:

    In the sun glasses holder to keep resistance on it when its shut

    in the glovebox to keep resistance on it when its shut

    under the windshield window pillar

    and I think that the rag went under the tube that leads to the central vent and I think I accessed it through the glovebox. I think that I did something when I took the center plate off and stuck something under the center vents.

  5. If you build it, they will come. I bet if more people made stuff for the pathys, more people would buy the stuff, then people would see other modified pathys and then modify theirs. That is the main reason there are all these other aftermarket parts for other vehicles. People probable never get the pathys in the first place when they realise there isnt much that they can do to them and get something else that has parts avabiable for them. Thats why there isnt much of a market for them. I see people all the time in r 50s stairing at mine and have even had people ask me where I got my lift and stuff because they didnt realise that anyone made anything for them.

  6. I have alot of rattles too caused by the tires at certain speeds. I shoved a rag in 1 spot inside the dash, and I have stuck little foam blocks in other spots. I have given up for the most part but when I get really bad ones, I work on them again.


    Just today I was thinking to myself, how much nicer my pathy would ride and how much better the gas mileage would be, and how much better it would be on the interstate I it was stock again. F*** THAT!!!

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