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    Current Pathfinder is a 1988 2 door XE. It has 3" body lift, 3" Superlift Suspension lift, 1 ton E350 coil rear suspension, Superwinch Locking Hubs, Lokka Front locker, Moroso Chrome Air Intake, 12,0000 lb Winch, Synthetic winch rope, wireless winch remote, 33" All Terrain Tires, but It holds 35" easily, 1995 Interior, 120psi onboard air compressor, air horn, 3" shifter extensions on transmission and transfer case, Rancho steering stabilizer, long travel Superlift shocks, rooftop custom lighting system, aftermarket roof rack, custom hood light bar and lights, Custom built front push bar/winch carrier, custom made heavy duty slider bars, Hi-Lift jack and roof rack mount, heavy duty tow package, power window conversion kit (debating on whether to install that or leave manual in place), and a lot more. My original Pathfinder was a 1994 XE. It had K&N Intake, Bored Over .060 rebuilt engine, Power Chip upgrade, Pacesetter Headers, FlowMaster Muffler, Dual Exhaust, Calmini Torsion bars, Rancho Steering Stabilzer, Air Shocks on the rear, Gabriel Mono Tube shocks on the front, 3" Body Lift, M8000 Warn winch, 12.50x15x33 MT Tires, 15x8 Ultra Wheels, Class III Tow Package, and a ARB Front Bumper.
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About Me

My name is Jim Bennett, AKA MRJIM and I am proud to say that I am the founder of NPORA. I started NPORA after building and running a webpage dedicated to offroading with my 1994 XE Gold Pathfinder. I bought the 94 Pathfinder (MrJim) in 1999 and it was lost in a divorce in 2007. In 2009, the members of NPORA raised the money to buy it back and refurbish it, then they presented it to me on the first annual MrJim run in 2009. In 2014, it was stolen while being stored on farm in Snohomish about to have engine replaced. New Engine was in back of it.  It was finally recovered 3 years later from a crack house property out in the rural part of the county.  I had no insurance at the time because it was non running and parked at brothers farm. I never saw any vehicle so stripped out in my life.  Total Loss....   


I felt bad this happened, but not for me.  It was more because I felt that rig belonged to all of the NPORA family given its history.  


In May of 2015, I purchased a 1988 2dr Pathfinder (MrJim2) and began building it as my new offroad Pathfinder. The project is nearing completion soon. Current date is Oct. 2015.


Hail MrJim2!!!! :)


Jan 2017 - The MrJim2 Pathfinder is doing great!  I saw a guy in a late 70s Blazer stuck on side of River Road today on my way home from work and I went back with the Pathfinder.  He was covered head to tow with Mud.  He said several big trucks tried to get it out that day and he doubted a Pathfinder could do anything.  lol. Long story short,  a well placed tire wedge set + 12k winch + snatch block = Blazer freed from mug hole in about 5 mins. :)





Original NPORA Story


It all started with me buying my 1994 4 door XE back in 1999 and at that time was very much into Web Design and graphics. So naturally, I created a web site called "MrJim.net" where I spotlighted my Pathfinder and posted many photos of my playing in the mud, snow, and mountains of the NW.

Eventually I had people starting to ask if they could put their Pathfinders on my site too and so my first unofficial members rigs section was created. Next I started experimenting with forums and I created a very basic forum where we could all start to meet up and talk everyday. These forums populated quickly and talks began about taking things to the next level. We should start an official Pathfinder Club. We collectively kicked ideas around for a name of the club for a few days and eventually settled on NPORA (Nissan Pathfinder Off Road Association).

Fast forward nearly 10 years and here we are with over 4300 members in over 66 countries. We have members in every corner of the world and with great administrators and moderators, the site has come to be known as the place to go if you have a Pathfinder where you will find friendly people and help when you need it. It certainly has a momentum of its own no days and I am proud to be a part of this organization called NPORA.

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