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  1. Anyone here replace their stock stops with new? If so, did you buy extended stops? And where did you get them?
  2. Yes, topping, not bottoming. I'm thinking of switching to the bilstein shocks. AC has a set for the 2" lift.
  3. I've just installed the AC 2" coils. My issue is this: my shocks and struts are severely bottoming out. Like no travel whatsoever. I have the rancho rsx shocks and struts from AC installed. Am I doing something wrong here? Are there longer shocks and struts that I need, but am not seeing?
  4. Actually just found them at amazon. Also noticed they come with the steel brake lines from AC... But I'm not about to buy a hose for a clip. My line are fairly new.
  5. Does anyone out there in the wide world of Pathy's know where I can find the retaining clip for the front brake hose? It is the clip that secures the hose to the strut. My wayward brother-in-law snapped the damn thing trying to take it off. And I can't seem to find a new one.
  6. is sitting at the office doing nada

  7. Ok, so does anyone know where I can get the gears for the front? I'm working on turnin this mother into a Baja Chaser.
  8. Anybody know where I can get new gears for my Pathy? 2001 3.5 LE... AC said my gears are reverse cut or something....
  9. All out performance. Money isn't really an issue. My sugar momma wants me happy. My Pathy makes me happy.
  10. Does anyone have a resource to get new rear arms perhaps a bit beefier than that thin factory crap? Maybe one of you resourceful fellas wanna quote me what it would cost for you to make them.
  11. Can anyone tell me where I can find a prado lift for my '01 Pathy? The site pradolifts.com is suspended.
  12. Anybody out there have any suggestions for a bolt-on exhaust kit for my Pathy? 2001 Pathy LE 3.5

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