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Blown/Seeping Head Gasket?

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Update on this engine:

This thing is running great. The water pump is constantly dripping but I haven’t had to add coolant yet. Mega huge difference between the amount of coolant my BHG was using... crazy.

I definitely notice a small amount of extra low end power. Top end feels the same. It so nice not to have to constantly worry about overheating!

I am warming back up to my Nissan. Good ole car..

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These engines are actually fantastic. It looks like you just got a couple of really poorly maintained ones.


glad it is running well though. I'm about to dig into my VG33ER out of my Xterra that was eating a quart of oil every 150 miles!

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I am fond of the VG33..

I noticed a small cloud of oil smoke from the tailpipe at lunch today.. I also noticed that I am using oil. It’s probably used a quart in the last 1000 miles.

I did gut my precats though and it is possible that whatever oil was already leaking was being burned and now it’s not.. and I was using oil before my head gasket started making up for the lost oil with water..

We shall see.

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