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  1. Did the Maxima swap last year...very easy, only paid 20 bucks for it too.
  2. So a final write up on truck.... NO, they did not go through the sunroof...just don't understand why the handle was broken. Doors were unlocked that night. For the most part, the truck is ok...runs fine, drives fine, no real damage..just the couple interior things that got broken from the bad guys loading their stolen goods into the truck. Spent the better part of a day cleaning out the inside of all the dirt and grease and gas or whatever. Looks way better, smells way better too. Found a Crystal Meth pipe under one of the seats, and another broken one. Bunch of pens taken apart so they can be used as straws to smoke the Meth. Effin druggies. Went to the wreckers to get the parts that are missing/broken....sunroof handle, rear overhead light, taillight access cover....cost me 8 bucks. Couldn't find any toolkits from under the rear seat. Still have to get those again....But the Pathy is back together now. Went out to Stave on Thursday to putt around make sure everything checks out ok. It's all good, except couple exhaust hangers have broken and it hangs and rubs on the cross member . Didn't know what it was at first, thought there was something else rattling around...so not to big a deal, just wired it up for now. So I was putting around enjoying the scenery and the sun and drive....I think hey let's go through this little dark mud patch...well that was a mistake, got stuck. I should know better than to go in mud at Stave...it's always bigger than it seems...... So, now I have no jack or strap any more so that was fun.....luckily some people were around and we were able to get it out with a little encouragement. Took about an hour and a half. It was all good. Truck's home, gave it some much needed love and it seems to be fine. And it has some mud on it now. PS. I do have a pic or 2 of Stave, no pic of the mud though...I'll post them later.
  3. So...what is that, a 22 calibre Semi auto? Barrel looks pretty fat. Nice gun.
  4. Yes you're right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird_%28tenth_generation%29 Totally forgot about those.
  5. The Tbird didn't have IRS until 2000's I believe. I had an 85 5.0 Tbird with the Auto , it too had all the digital dash, trip computer, electronic climate, and so on......all motor and suspension parts were compatible with the Mustang.....I put a rear Diff from a 93 mustang GT in it, had like 3.23 gears or something like that, from the 2.79's that were in it. Thing would chirp 2 gear. Not bad for a 4500 pound boat. Pretty sure the Tbird had solid axle all the way until end of production in the late 90's early 2000, then went IRS on relaunch a few years later......unless I'm mistaken about those models in the late 90's, I thought they were solid axle as well. I'm almost certain the 510's had IRS in the 70's, was gonna say the 280 must've as well. Hey, the Volkswagen Bug had IRS and that was in the 60's. Didn't the Chevy Corvair have IRS as well. I know they were both rear engine though. Yep just checked it out...510's launched in 1968 had 4 wheel Independent Suspension.
  6. A couple cars that come to mind regarding the ongoing discussion, didn't the Datsun 510 of the 70's have IRS..pretty sure it did. And my old man had a 1980 TBird that had fully digital dash with electronic bars showing gas and temp sort of like that Toyota posted.Also came with electronic climate control with digital display, power front seat,locks, windows, mirrors, it was a TBI 302 AOD..it was pretty revolutionary at the time with it's flip open headlights too....lol
  7. The JGC springs(poor man's lift) is meant for WD21's, not the R50. You need something more like this..I think https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-suspension-lift-p-1550.html
  8. Well, from what I've been told, the truck turned up in Richmond. RCMP there sent it to Vancouver Police for processing, guess the RCMP didn't want to deal with it. I went to see the truck when they were dusting for prints. Anything that was mine is all gone, had a bunch of tools in there that are now gone....even all the stuff under the rear seat, ie: spark plug tools, jack winder thingy, axe and shovel I had under there too. Left the jack though. Even had little 12V compressor behind the taillight access panel in the back, gone. Truck was found with some home stereo components in it, a collection of crow bars, paraphernalia for smoking crack or crystal meth, some cordless drill, some kind of removeable trailer coupler that goes on the front of a trailer. Jerry can(that spilled all over the back), some wires and @!*%, plus other crap and junk. Oh and a big knife in the glove box. Oh and mail containing some person's SIN card bearing the name Jeremy Smart. Forensic guy tells me this dude has done time as a Juvenile for killing someone. Either he did it or is associated somehow to him. I think they might of tried to steal a trailer or did. Probably ripped off some construction sites or something, that would account for all the grease and dirt here and there. Rear headrests are gone, Driver's side taillight access panel is gone, rear cargo overhead light cover is gone, sunroof latch is broken. Seems to run ok...battery is deader than dead now, they must've left something on when dumped. But I still got my Jumper cables that were in it. Too bad not a single tool of mine is left.
  9. So....DROVE IT HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems to be ok....Filthy as hell inside, dirt, grease, gas, cigarettes, and whatever else. Stinks. Few things here and there broken or missing ie: rear headrests, cover for domelight in the cargo area, left side taillight access panel cover, latch for the sunroof is busted, all the tools under the rear seat for tire changing and sparkplug tool. Stereo is still in it. Ignition barely looks like it was touched, other than the little plastic circle thingy that goes around the key slot removed. I'll keep you posted.
  10. It's funny...in the mean time I picked up a little beater car....1989 Toyota Corolla for 400 bucks, that is Aircared and drives pretty damn good for a 400 dollar piece so I had some kind of wheels. Now I'm thinking when I get the Pathy back I am going to take it off the road and try to invest some time and money on it. Got a 3 inch body lift to put in and hopefully get a decent upgrade going for the steering. I just put some Warn hubs on it as well. Oh yeah....and an alarm
  11. So, I called the detachment to get some more info. Apparently the truck was found with no one in it, but there was belongings of other people ie: women's "products", drill and gas can which are not mine, some kind of personal stuff belonging to a "Jeremy Smart", never heard of the guy. Some pop bottle of pop that we don't drink...pepsi.....Coke people here. Soooo....they want to sweep it for prints and other "forensic identification"...what ever that means. Damage report on the police report states no noticeable damage on exterior, just ignition damage and I think he said stereo was gone too. So if that is all, sounds pretty fortunate. Their investigation could take a couple days to a week or 2. I wonder what the hell they were doing in my truck.....time for some sanitation. So, sounds like I may be able to actually drive it home instead of a tow. That would be good. Anyhow, trucks safe now.....just the waiting game to get it back. And no I don't have to pay for any towing or storage up until they release it to me. Cheers
  12. UPDATE....got a call last night from the Vancouver Police.....they found'd my truck. But they want to take it in for fingerprinting and whatever else.....there was ID or something found with some other person's name on it so they want to investigate, figure it may have been used for other crimes, nice...Copper told me it could be up to 2 weeks before I get it back, that don't make me so happy. Hopefully something will come of it. It was like almost 11pm last night when they called, so naturally, I didn't sleep much last night. Cop didn't really say too much though...didn't say much about my truck , so hopefully it's only worse for wear. At least I know where it is and it's not being beat on any more.
  13. What kind of axles on that thing....holy crap
  14. Piss me off too cause I just put on my Warn hubs I picked up off Craigslist for 40 bucks and some 20 buck 6x9's in the rear. I should know better than to not have it alarmed or even locked, but I've lived in my place for over 9 years now and it ain't no shady part of town either. Never had a problem before, and I've forgotten to roll my windows up on many occasion too. There really isn't anything worth stealing in it, cheapo cd player that's it. Don't even have any cd's in it cause it's a truck and they skip like a mofo. Only thing is that really bugs me the most is I've been keeping a good chuck of my tools in it because I've been camping recently and was planning to go next week(kinda puts a damper on that ), tow strap, axe, jumpers, little 12V compressor(which is behind the taillight access panel) My good socket set, and my tool box, all in a nice little crate thingy right behind the rear seat. It's strapped there so it doesn't slide around, maybe it won't get noticed. I guess I kinda got a little complacent here just not thinking that it would happen to me, where I live, know what I mean. Just kinda hoping it turns up without too much abuse and damage. Only a quarter tank of gas in it, so unless they want to put gas in it they isn't getting very far. Called the tow yard here in town I used to work at to keep an eye out for it. They do all the local police work too so either way it should go through them if it's in town. Sorry everyone, kinda ramblin...I miss my truck, it wasn't perfect, but it was mine dammit. And another pic to remember it by http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs364.snc4/44724_10150234898200230_794495229_14464976_4928771_n.jpg
  15. I just want to try to spread the word a little about my truck being stolen. It's a blue 1995 SE with 31's and full size on the rear. License plate 816 GXV I know there isn't alot of Lower Mainlander's on here but, any extra eyes help. I am in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. If seen call police or call me 604 518 7414. Here's my e-mail too kidupcreek@shaw.ca Just want my truck back. No theft on it, really isn't anything worth stealing on it. Hopefully it's just dumped somewhere. I'll post a pic as soon as I figure it out......can't think right now. There may be one around. Maybe that will work.

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