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    Cruising around in latest Hothouse Green GM VY S Pack Commodore (alias Pontiac GTO with mods - ya gotta try one!!!)<br><br>african cichlids<br>fishing<br>cricket<br>getting up in the morning!!
  1. It's definitely a ryco Z416. Changed mine last weekend. PS The position for the oil filter must have been designed by a moron because it is EXTREMELY difficult to locate back onto the thread ( let alone get a grip on it to remove!) Try attacking it by removing left wheel and reach thru side access. Get someone from above to reach down and remove old filter once released or else diesel oil everywhere!! Good luck (until next change!!) Buzz. PS I'm getting a new STX shortly... anyone interested in a Terrano ????
  2. They are brand spanking new - based on the new Pathfinder design. I ordered mine in March this year and still waiting!!! Not expecting till July (maybe) I'm told that the Nissan factory in Spain is working 24/7 and still can't keep up with USA and Europe orders. Australia gets the left overs!! Fuel economy with diesel is about 9litres per 100kms for an automatic - sorry you will have to convert to miles per gallon. I'm not sure if they are called same in USA..... check on the net and see if we are talking about the same vehicle. Anyway I'll let you know what its like when I get it!!. Buzz
  3. Am about to get a Nissan Navara STX dualcab diesel for a company vehicle. Does anyone know any good info on vehicle other than standard Nissan hype by dealers?? Buzz
  4. buzz

    Suspension clunking

    Govols74n......you were absolutely right. ( Sorry I didn't respond sooner) The two bolts in question were loose by 3/4 of a turn and now the Terrano is as quiet as a diesel can be!! Realllllllly appreciate the help. Buzz
  5. My 1991 Terrano/Pathfinder has an annoying clunk that feels like it is below driver floor/foot area. I haven't had it off road to see what happens but on the road if I bounce in a large dip and get some major travel in the suspension I get this metal clunk on one side only that I can feel thru the floor. I have torsion bars adjusted so body is as high as possible - no time yet to remove and regrease to see if that is problem..?? I have replaced compression bar bushes, have cleaned both front brakes, repacked bearings and made sure tight but still get noise. Doesn't make a noise when turning or mounting footpaths at strange angles.........Any ideas?? Buzz :help:
  6. I have a persistant diesel fuel leak in my 1991 Terrano. It drips from around the fuel pump down on to torsion bar. It is difficult to locate the source as there is too much plumbing. Have been quoted Aust.$1200 to replace seals but believe costs is mainly in labour to get in and out. Can this job be done at home or should this be left to professionals?? Have been told that Diesel fuel has changed in Aust and that may have stuffed the seals. Is there anything on internet to help??? Buzz
  7. Did you clean the external fins of the radiator really well ? The only change from Terrano working properly before the mishap appears to be the mud. Good luck Buzz
  8. Do you know if you can get an oil filter relocation kit to suit a 1991 diesel Terrano. Would be interested as filter is a bugger to change. Whoever designed its location at Nissan should have been sacked and sent to the Mitsubishi factory!!! Buzz
  9. Wasn't there an issue with front hub internal seals squealing when they get dirty/old. I recall reading it somewhere. Can someone add a bit more light on this as I can't locate relevant info?? Could be the answer if not brakes or bearings. Good Luck Buzz
  10. Another option could be to use a "rivnut". We use them in our sheetmetal fabrication division at work. They work on the same principle as a pop rivet except the internal pin is actually a metal thread. You would only need to drill clearance hole for rivnut body in "old hole" position, insert and engage with rivnut gun!Sounds easy but would certainly help if you knew someone in sheetmetal trade! At least you wouldn't be stuffing around with magnets etc Good Luck Buzz
  11. buzz

    Sunroof Repair

    Can you find the Nissan part no for the gasket and then I can check cost for item in Australia. Sounds like I might have been quoted wrong part?? Buzz
  12. buzz

    Sunroof Repair

    I phoned Nissan Australia in Adelaide and sales guy told me gasket was $148.00 (Aust) ex Japan .... Does that sound expensive compared with Brown and Brown Nissan in Tempe AZ or do you think he has quoted wrong part??? Buzz
  13. buzz

    Sunroof Repair

    My 1991 Terrano has a factory fitted sunroof that unfortunately with the ravages of time and weather, has cracked/perished the rubber seal on it's hinged edge. This rubber seal appears to have been extruded directly onto the glass edge - not added as a separate sealing strip. I want to check if any D21 Pathfinders are fitted with same glass sunroof and if any one has fixed this problem before?? I don't want to import a complete glass panel from Japan because of a bit of damaged rubber ... it will cost big bucks!!! I have done a quick fix with black silicone but would appreciate any other ideas to give a professional finish. Buzz
  14. Have you tried a spot of "superglue" on end of a nail and try to adhere to broken piece of key in lock barrel. If tumbler/key is still aligned - should pull out! Worked a treat on my glovebox lock. Don't use too much instant glue as you don't want to stuff up the lock .. Give it a try Buzz

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