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  1. Not sure, if they only pulled the belt nothing electrical should've been touched? I've never changed the pulley, but you still said that the clutch comes on, could it be that the clutch is worn and is not engaging?
  2. (if you want to see any pictures of the speakers or exhaust I will gladly put them up)

    Hello! Have not been on here in a while. Due to other projects and me using another car a lot, haven't been using the pathfinder, my dad uses it more often than not. 

    Quick update on it tho, we change the timing belt and water pump on it, the people who shipped it gave us the water pump and timing belt for the next generation, I will put it on a different topic to sell that one. 

    We are also changing the front and rear speakers, the 6x9 in the back and 6x6 in the front I believe. Took a bit of fabrication in the front because they did not fit to spec, which is okay because you cant tell once the panel goes over it.

    Changed the exhaust because the old was rusted all the way, and added a tailpipe for some swag.

    Next project is adding a trailer hitch for our project boat!


  3. Oh sweet, thanks! I'll see if i can get them shipped over here.
  4. The AC vent trim seems like it got distorted from heat, and its the only thing in my interior that looks shabby. On ebay this part seems super expensive, so was wondering if anyone this for parts or know where to get the parts. thanks. https://imgur.com/a/T31eqRz https://imgur.com/a/AK8JqWW
  5. Update, found a blown fuse for the tail lamp; now the corner lights and tail lights come on (thank you). Only thing that doesn't come on is the dash lights. I'm going to clean the connections then retest.
  6. I reconnected the dimmer switch to complete the circuit and the front corner lights did not come on. Only headlights, beams, and turn signals work. I'm assuming its a different problem?
  7. I bought it close to a month ago and was in terrible shape, as it has been sitting for close to 10 years is what the previous owner said. Only 87k miles on her, but minor surface rust and the paint is oxidized and has some water stains. I changed all the fluids, except for the power steering, as I heard it takes dexron ATF and not Power steering fluid. Changed the front windshield pump and cleaned the air filter as well. All the bushings on the front and back end look shot, so will definitely have to change them, but i want to add a 2" or 3" lift kit, but im not sure where to start as i've never got into lifting a car (if anyone can give some budget options ill be more than happy). Also the dash lights and tail lights come on, but the brake lights work, so im assuming its the dimmer switch? Wondering if you had the same problem as it seems somewhat common and what your solution would be. Need to weld another exhaust tip or get another exhaust as it looks like it is about to fall off, so ill see what im going to do about that. TIming belt, water pump, and thermostat was also changed. Is there anything i need to look at in specific or look into replacing at the 90k mile range?
  8. Have been testing to see why my dash lights wont come and and have been looking through a couple threads and figured it was my dimmer switch as my tail lights don't come on as well. Please let me know if you have one.
  9. Hello everyone, me and my dad got a 91 pathfinder and found this site to learn more. Trying to be an active member to help others aswell.

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