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  1. Ill do some more research and talk to my transmission guy to see what options I have. As far as mods really all I have done is removed under fender box and removed silencers on stock intake tube. Drop in K&N cut stock boot to accept smooth tube. Had an engine clatter at 98K found I was missing 2 screws on the power valves and 2 others loose. The plates were chattering in the intake sounded bad like I broke the timing tensioner. So I removed those upper plates all together and spent some time doing some intake smoothing to some of the surfaces. Raised my stock MASS air meter about half an inch out of the intake tube. Removed the secondary resonators after the primary cats left it 2 into 1 muffler delete into a single magnaflow muffler straight out the back. Thought I would get a lean bank condition after doing exhaust with the Mass air lifted but did not and have put about 5k miles on it. Other than that took off roof rack and step bars. Next up is NWP intake spacers if anyone is interested the guy has tested a couple for our intakes. I plan on ordering a set soon along with 75MM throttle body which will work. Need to email him and let him know what you have and how to order as they have nothing listed online for the pathfinder. I would not bother if you guys don't see upper RPMs much as the throttle body helps a little in mid range but mostly above 5K rpm. Tried to find someone local with a Consult 2 to raise my timing 2 degrees but all 4 dealers do not have one. Most likely will wait and see how it reacts to the larger throttle body and intake spacers. I found a guy about 4 hours from me that can and will custom tune it for me. Ive had a couple of smaller Nissan vehicles but never a Pathfinder. Bought this one as a cheep run around vehicle with 96K a year ago old lady owned it from new. After I cleaned it up started playing around with it I really like the old girl. Being a car guy cant leave nothing alone and was very shocked with a few little tweaks this little motor rips. My 2013 Durango RT has corsa exhaust and CAI but enjoy driving my pathfinder more....
  2. Has anyone installed a shift kit on their rig? I picked up a super clean 04 with 104k Miles. I’ve taken out the power valves and did some intake smoothing. About to order some intake spacers and 75mm throttle body. Home built intake removed silencers but kept stock box. Raised Mass air meter for now to help lean her out a little worked great. Will be working on some custom headers and installing true dual exhaust. This is my first pathfinder and absolutely love it. Lowering her a couple inches in a few months when I install new rear suspension kit. My wife has a Durango RT with CAI and Tune my path walks it from a dead stop. I’ts got lazy shifts at wot needs a shift kit.

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