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  1. I want 32s but I don't want to regear... I wonder if the drivetrain can take that kind of stress?

    1. mjotrainbrain


      I have 32's on my '02 and it's been fine. I even have the higher ratio 4.363 gears.

    2. KovemaN


      Don't worry about it until you've worn out a set of 33's.

  2. Might just put down a couple bucks to have someplace evacuate the system and refill it with new refrigerant. Much cheaper than trying to get a new compressor that's for sure.
  3. Makes a lot of sense. This Friday I'm putting in my SFD and lifting it 5", so hopefully the next dent in my wallet are some 265/75/16s cause that's what I've been looking for. They just look awesome on your pathy, and larger than 32s so I had to ask.
  4. It became habitual when I worked in a tire shop here in Colorado. We pretty much always jacked at the pinch.
  5. Yeah the first time I did it, the pinch weld crunched in and that sucks. No further damage, it just saddens me haha. Sounds awesome, I figured the weight would be evenly distributed it just seems very strange. Thanks a ton
  6. Epic build :O I wish I could afford air lockers like that! I know it's a crazy question, but where did you typically jack up the rear of the vehicle? The body kind of ends toward the rear wheels so last time I worked on dropping my rear axle, it was really sketchy work using jack stands on the pinch weld of the vehicle nearest to the rear... The red circles. Is it technically safe to hold up the entire rear end by the "Rear jack safety points?" It just seems like a weird place to balance the vehicle... even if the front two tires are on the ground it feels weird that it might roll back or something. I don't know, it sat like that for hours and nothing happened but still haha.
  7. 'm trying to read the sidewalls, but it's a tad difficult... what size tires are those? I'm really wanting to upgrade to some 32s instead of my cute little 30s
  8. Yeah I mean right now it's really only concerning because of the noise, but it doesn't seem to be seizing up or anything, and the AC still blasts cold air like a champ, so I guess I'll let it ride. Just sucks though because AC stuff really isn't something to do at home, and a shop's gonna charge a lot to replace it if I have to... And Colorado isn't always friendly with the heat.
  9. I'd listened to it but I'll double check which bearings it might be. Only reason I said it isn't serviceable is I know they build the pulley and clutch and everything altogether, and there isn't a separate pulley that I can find for it. As for the sound, its really hard to describe. You know the sound of frogs/toads in the distance? Literally like that haha
  10. Recently I have been going out and starting my pathy like normal, transfer case at 2H, transmission in park. For whatever reason when I start though, the ATP light is on until I shift into drive. Anyone seen this issue before? Maybe just a bad sensor?
  11. Volt gauge should be simple. Oil pressure might be a little trickier since I'm not quite sure what signal the oil pressure sending unit puts out... It might be binary, saying there either is enough pressure or not enough. Regardless, I want to see if anyone else has done them, cause a voltage meter would be useful.
  12. Everything jyeager said. If the air box filter isnt protecting the intake, your last defense is that maf guard.
  13. Side note, where do you have it taking in air? Like I said, I want to move the intake up somewhere a little higher so it's not sucking in air from the wheel well, but I dont know exactly the best way to do that and make it able to either avoid sucking in water, or get rid of it quickly. I dont really want a big snorkel. I dont plan on going through feet of water any time soon.
  14. That's interesting. The air intake is taking air in from the top of the air box? Until I build my new intake (planning on making some sort of low-profile snorkel), I've had a cone filter running at the edge where the original intake was, and I'm not having any overheating issues in the hot weather. Typical cooling system checks: Any leaks in the system? Are you able to do a pressure check? How full is your overflow tank? How long has it been since you have flushed your coolant? Imminent water pump failure? Thermostat failure? As much as cold air helps combustion, it SHOULDNT have a dramatic effect on engine heat. The air temperature sensor from the factory air intake should read the temperature of the air coming in so that the computer can adjust how the engine runs, and the MAF should detect how much air is entering. Both shouldn't impact engine heat. The last thing could be temp sending unit, if it's reading incorrectly. All in all, sure, hot air doesn't help combustion or gas mileage, but its really up to the cooling system to do its job making sure the engine stays at the right temp.

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