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    1997 Infiniti QX4 Looking to make an adventure rig moderate/budget build next up- spacer lift Air Ride 1000 custom safari rack mud tires/wheels (summer)
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    I have been selling Nissans for over 12 years, I have owned 12 Nissan/Infiniti vehicles, I am somewhat a Nissan fanatic.
  1. Gspeed151

    Remote car starter recommendations

    I have a Crime Stopper, its OK. Its just the install is annoying, I would have rather paid somebody to do it.
  2. Gspeed151

    Arizona 2001Infiniti QX4 Build

    I was thinking about changing to a Pathfinder headlights when I broke one (easier to find Pathfinder then the GLASS QX4 headlight) and grill but I don't want to loose the Infiniti identity, I am having a custom wrap being built for the hood and rear section so I think I am gonna leave the grill but it might look good on a darker color having a darker grill and trim.
  3. Gspeed151

    Arizona 2001Infiniti QX4 Build

    Not a fan of it, too much contrast on Gold for me. black grill by gspeed151, on Flickr
  4. Gspeed151

    Arizona 2001Infiniti QX4 Build

    Thanks, mine tires are 265/75/16 All Terrains I am looking to go up to a 33in so a 285/75/16 in a more aggressive tire next year. And I don't like the scribbles on my front grill...ha I will make something proper to show the black grill.
  5. Gspeed151

    Arizona 2001Infiniti QX4 Build

    I would love your wheels and tires, I am on 1in spacer with OME HD front springs it would look great with those wheels and tires. 21728558_10155817279979165_119288274445830785_n by gspeed151, on Flickr
  6. Gspeed151

    Roof top tent 2000 r50 pathfinder TI

    I have OEM tracks they work just fine for me.
  7. Gspeed151

    Just gonna leave this here..

    They gave me the boots
  8. Gspeed151

    Just gonna leave this here..

    They gave me the boots
  9. Gspeed151

    Random picture of your R50

    The spot with the Waterfall is up the road that we turned around at the end of the trip when we went to North Fork Snoqulamie I went up it a week later and shot those pics.
  10. Gspeed151

    Just gonna leave this here..

    That's my rig before I bought it, that guy sold it to me.
  11. Gspeed151

    Random picture of your R50

    POPICS by gspeed151, 23905716_10156021899564165_5710794748786344783_n by gspeed151,
  12. Gspeed151

    Random picture of your R50

    Been on a few adventures lately just wanted to share. snow13 by gspeed151, DSC08472 by gspeed151, DSC08429 by gspeed151, DSC07564 by gspeed151, on Flickr
  13. Gspeed151

    Random picture of your R50

    DSC07970 by gspeed151 DSC07987 by gspeed151, DSC08039 by gspeed151,
  14. Gspeed151

    Roof top tent 2000 r50 pathfinder TI

    I run a Thule square bar set up, I am in process of building a full rack from this material called UNIISTRUT its like a big erector set that bolts together-no welding http://www.unistrut.us/ so I can mount lights, awning and other accessories I am building it like a basket rack when I am not running my RTT, its lower to the roofline then the Thule or Yakima systems and cost effective then going with a high end rack like Baja or Gobi. 20170808_172831 by gspeed151, on Flickr
  15. Looking to get together in the morning in Monroe at the Fred Meyer at 8:30am for a run outside Skykomish/Stevens Pass and play in the snow. Linking up with NWOL in the afternoon/Evening for their bonfire meetup. Having lunch on the trail and hopefully the weather will be cooperative and if anybody want to make it an overnighter I am open or just a day trip lets discuss if you are interested. DSC07973 by gspeed151, on Flickr

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