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  1. 6.2 is the OD. I really do now want to replace the rear springs as I'm happy with the EMU. I could always try the AIR Lift system. Anyone ever us it?
  2. I mounted mine behind the grill. A set of 100w KC lights. It worked well for my 2001 Pathfinder because of the Honey Cone (sp) grill. I had to fab up some mounts but besides that no problem, plus no drilling into the bumper, etc.
  3. They are old man EMU springs and they measure about 6.2 inches in the center coil. I wonder if the spacer will still work?
  4. Can anyone tell me if anyone makes a 1 inch rear coil spring space for the R50. I'm looking for ones that will fit on the top or bottom and not in the spring. If there is not one made for the Pathfinder is there a universal one or one for another vehicle I can use? Thank you. Sorry if this is a repost but I cannot find a good answer.
  5. Have any of you guys had issues with vibration at highway speeds, tire issues, or bearing issues when using the 1.25inch spacers?
  6. It's been awhile since I have been on NPORA. I wanted to get some opinions on tires. I'm currently running 225/75 on stock 16s which is narrower then the stock 255/65 but a little taller. My question is what is the larges tire I can fit on stock 16inch rims, without rubbing if I use 4x4parts 1 1/4 inch spacers in the front only. I was looking at 265/70 or a little smaller 255/70. Thanks for any help and if you have an opinion about the spacers please let me know. I want to add that i have about a 1 to 1.5 inch lift. Thanks
  7. Just my additional 2 cents. The guy that tinted my sunroof has been tinting windows for years. He tinted my windows on my old Honda civic, my mothers car, a couple of friends, and several people from my work. He did not seem worried about tinting the sunroof at 20% so I didn't worry about it. I live in Memphis and gets around 100 degrees here in the summer. My car sits outside in direct sunlight for at least 9 hours a day while I'm at work. The sunroof is made out of the same glass as your side windows (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway I have not had any problems with the tint or glass, so it would be safe to say it's ok to tint the sun roof if you want. Just to note, my girl friend has an 02 CRV and her sunroof came tinted about 20 to 25% from the factory (or would you call that smoked??)..anyway.
  8. Well a year now and it hasn’t exploded :oops: . The guy that tinted my windows was kind of weary to tint the sun roof b/c he thought it might be tempered glass like your windshield, but we found out it wasn’t so he said it would be fine.
  9. I had my sunroof tinted when I did the windows. 20%
  10. If it is the factory wiring harness it should plug right in? That is how mine was, when I took my dad's hitch and factory wire harness from his pathy.
  11. Your fuel tank is on the driver's side, and if it is full the pathy will sag on that side. It is more noticeable with stock suspension.
  12. Watch out for this camber adjustment kit "if it's really bothering you, go here: http://www.ingallseng.com/parts/81260.htm". Someone on this list had something similar at the bolts broke causing a grand in damage. Most alignment place can make a custom adjustment and get it pretty close to stock.
  13. Ball Joint maybe? But if that was the case you would have a lot more trouble and probably wouldn't be driving.
  14. I haven't bleed my brakes yet but I think I read that the 2wd's don't have the LSV? Correct me if I'm wrong???

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