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  1. wow thats a nice lil write up and pics eh thanks for the link i'll be ordering some new ones shortly
  2. tell me more about this "death wobble".....i remember getting one on a skateboard as a kid and still have a few scars i think
  3. a friend made a comment the other day saying "the beauty of that pathfinder is it is so underpowered you never get stuck because you couldnt spin your wheels if you wanted to haha" of course he was just jealous because I easily crawled up to a spot his truck couldnt get to
  4. were the arms on the puller adjustable or fixed??
  5. old man emu aswell for a small lift www.arbcanada.com
  6. sorry would the car be on the ground or on jacks.....frame or axle
  7. roger that stioc, i was thinking of removing my sway bars aswell......how do you feel about it? big difference? any danger?
  8. it really looks great!....how long did the whole job take start to finish??
  9. seems like i am still good then, thanks for the info anyways i will save this for the future. well the next thing on the nissan list was the trailing arm bushings so I was looking at them last night and the bars are a little rusty but don't rattle or anything they just roll a little side to side....i will look around on the internet here for ways to find out if they are shot or notand once again if anyone on here has some hot tips let me know. one day I will know some stuff and be able to help the next person right!
  10. so the reason i was changing the ball joint was because i was told by the nissan dealership that i should while they were checking out the strut recall thingy, once I got to it I decided to look up things about how to check if they are actually worn and I can't seem to find any indication of wear......should i do them anyways because of almost 200k kms on the truck or just leave them be??? some other tips on checking them might be good too, I tried all the different wiggles and prying i think
  11. unbelievable.....I love this forum. Thank you for all the replies and the intructions I will let you know how I make out.
  12. planning on doing my left lower ball joint this weekend if anyone has some pro tips or good links i would much appreciate it because i have not done one before ......THANKS ALL!!
  13. thanks for the info shoesandsocks, sorry to get off topic
  14. would you reccoment hd or md ome springs in the front?? also i put some 31's on yesterday and they dont seem to rub! do you think the md ome springs in the rear are stiff enough for towing and gear or is there another option....i dont want too much lift tho because then i have to buy new tires again and i already have 12

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