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  1. I tried to do this, went for a drive and took the readings I took 4 readings and they were all different...? Some had to much some had to little. although the oil was almost "scattered" on the dip stick, rather than producing a nice line like when you check the oil in the engine? Is this just because it is thinner?
  2. Hmm, im not sure on miles. a few, i use it as a work vehicle, so some pretty rough 4x4'n and a fair few miles of travel in between, the transmission sort of gets lost between gears, rather than a nice change it "slips"? As I said this is the first auto I have ever had, so its all new to me...
  3. Personally I haven't however the previous owner did it 18 months ago
  4. My auto has started playing up in my Diesel Terrano. So before I go buying a new box I want to add or replace fluids in the gear box. How do I do that? I have never worked with auto's before... Would you advise topping up or replacing? Last time it was done at the shop was 18 months ago. Or am I simply trying to avoid acknowledging that its stuffed?
  5. In those 90's sentras and pulsars (my old one included) the relays where pretty common to pack up on the unit. is there current to the compressor?
  6. Hey, yup 2.7 turbo diesel. not the fastest vehicle, but enough grunt to get by so far.
  7. So i managed to find a newer terrano cluster in the wreckers. was too new to mount without rewiring. but i grabbed the needles off it. i had to make a sleeve for the.shaft but now i have a working speedo with cool red needles
  8. Haha sandwich sword would be awesome! but would have no idea where to get one here
  9. There are heaps of skylines here, only problem is trying to buy parts for the rear left of the car (as we are right hand drive) cause all the want to be drifters smash them into powerpoles, haha. Sweet will keep and eye out. do you reckon they need to be a certain weight or balance?
  10. So... I had fixed my speedo the other week using the hair dryer method which was great until the sunny day yesterday where the speedo went right back to where it was before. Now to my question... Im gunna head to the wreckers tomorrow to try find a speed needle in alright condition seeing as I know mine will just pop off without any hastles. If I cannot find the correct speedo needle, are they a generic fit? will a speedo needle of something more common and stable say a honda or a nissan skyline fit on the existing motor in the cluster? Would love to know if you have had experience with this or if you know of any models that would fit? If i find one I will let you know too...
  11. Reality TV (atleast I think its torture to sit through....)

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