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  1. For around an 1/8th the price, a sacrifice I'd be wiling to make.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-1987-1997-Nissan-Navara-D21-Hardbody-Heater-Air-Vent-Ventilator-Grille-7-PCS/254425197979?hash=item3b3cec6d9b:g:BO0AAOSwyAJd0h7v These prices seem pretty reasonable, not sure if you can get them sent to you over in the states.
  3. My daily ute (Nissan Datsun) is TD27t running the QD32 big gearbox. From what I can see it's basically stock, I really should do the EGR delete, swapped the wellside out for a flat deck. But for the most part just leaving it as it's fairly reliable as it is. And I have a R3m terrano as my bush truck which somebody has removed the turbo from, so I'm looking out for a turbo kit, but seeing as though it's a bush truck I've already cut up the front to have better clearance for the bull bar and winch which now sits right between the chassis rails, radiator is being dealt with next as the winch now occupies where that used to go. Wish you all the best in getting the steering tightened up. Is there play in anything specific or is it just loose everywhere? I've replaced upper balljoints because they had a slight movement causing it to fail a wof and since then (plus wheel alignment) my steering has been so much better. I really want to replace the front seats in the daily, but having trouble doing so legally without needing cert.
  4. Evening @FlashnzGreat seeing more kiwi's on this site. Is your truck the TD27? have you done any mods to it?
  5. Yep, I've done this conversion on my 88 Navara with a 1990 Terrano. I had to drill 4 or so holes in the front. two for mounting the guards and two for the replacement headlights, but other than that I had no problems. My 88 Datsun originally had the small lip bonnet so I had to swap bonnet, guards, grills, I think bumper is different, headlights and corner lights
  6. Can you get behind the hub and push or wiggle the CV to make sure it's seated correctly. I'd also suggest double checking the free wheeling hub to make sure it has gone as far back as it should.

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