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  1. Isn't there a spray on tint for the inside of taillights? You could probably use that because the sunroof is removable... I don't know how that would turn out on glass though...
  2. Nice. I just got mine in the mail so maybe this weekend I'll give it a shot. I got tint kits for both my pathfinder and my Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance, so I'll be doing the mobster caddy first as a testing bed, then the pathavoider. I'll post up my results... hopefully I'll have the patience for this.
  3. Oh, and a really nice pathfinder! I'm also a father and try to spend every chance with the kids as well. Kudos to you for doing that.
  4. Issue #1 is easy. I had to do this on mine when I got it. http://www.q45.org/timers.html
  5. Is this Sean? Forgive my prying, but a good friend of mine got a 91 and his stereo bay is also a mangled mess fit for a rat. Check fuses. I've popped so many odd fuses while wiring in stereos that I keep a box of them handy in my electronics toolkit. From the description, I'm thinking that you cannot roll up the passenger window from the drivers controls - does the wiring from the switch to the passenger window not run through the center console somewhere?
  6. Swapped out my beat down leather seats for some cloth seats in good condition. found some speaker covers for the rear! yay! no more ghetto blaster! swapped out the center console bucket for one that still has the stock cup holders!
  7. Thanks John. I've been thinking about the self tint thing for a while and then this thread got bumped back up, which is awesome. I'll probably go ahead and buy the tint and keep it ready for when I have 4 hours of time on a weekend... Never know when that'll be. Hey look! You are in Atlanta too! Nice!
  8. This weekend I: put in new rear brake shoes. replaced the missing headrests for the back seat put LEGO wheels on my 2wd "Pathavoider" because I had good tires on them and crap tires on the M/T rims painted the center caps on the legos replaced the missing headlight bolts to hold the left headlight in place (threw away the zip ties) Thats it for this weekend.
  9. Are we talking leather vs cloth or cloth vs cloth? I have leather in my SE and the leather is torn to shreds and held together with duct tape. Despite that they are super supportive (hard/firm). The cloth seats in my donor XE vehicle are going to be put in the SE. The fabric seems pretty rough, but they aren't torn to pieces like the leather so the choice is obvious... The XE seats aren't as supportive (hard) so longer trips will probably be better. I'm going over to the donor vehicle today if I can (maybe even to swap out the seats), and I'll sit in the cloth seats for a few minutes with shorts and a wife beater on and let you know just how rough the fabric is against my legs and back. side note: I'm starting to think that SE and XE were random letters put on the pathfinders and really hold no meaning other than a resale value...
  10. So no one knows if this can be done on a 2wd pathfinder? I'm kinda surprised.
  11. I've searched and searched on this and I've found lots of valuable information on how to swap the disc brakes into a drum pathfinder with the exception of one detail: Will this work on a 94 2wd pathfinder rear drum, using a 95 4wd pathfinder rear disc donor? Thanks.
  12. Do a search in google for out of the way camping spots in your area.
  13. ok,more info. I got to take a look at it after the engine cooled down and now it revs to around 3-4K over and over like a redneck trying to get a race at a stoplight. I checked the throttle body and the throttle plate doesn't move so its not the cruise control yanking the cable. while it is revving I can give it more gas and it revs higher just like it supposed to. Maybe the cold start "choke" is messed up? The damn thing has 240K on it -
  14. Would a vacuum leak do that? What about a vacuum hose that's popped loose? I'm unfamiliar with the R50 cruise control. Thanks.

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