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Crank snout key broken? Options?

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Currently sitting on the side of the highway with my 87 waiting for a tow truck.  First the power steering cut out which prompted me to pull over.  After I pulled over I noticed the temp was getting really hot.  With the engine still running none of the accessory belts or pullies were spinning, I couldn't see if any were broken.  Does this sound like the about key issue?  Timing still seems ok but I haven't started the truck since pulling over.


What are options for fixing if this turns out to be the issue?  Upgrades available for a stronger snout key?  Also wondering on the feasibility of a VG33 upgrade instead of rebuilding this guy.  It's a bummer because this engine was otherwise in amazing shape and running beautifully, probably better than my newer cars.  Still has the cylinder crosshatching.

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