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Charging Issues?? Battery Light on


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I have an 87 Pathy SE 5 speed and recently my gauges except my speed would crap out and the battery light would come on. Usually this happens when i turn on my signals. My hazards work fine but my signal lights would turn my gauges off and my battery light comes on.


My cluster seems to be fine and accurate because when it works, it works great other than when the battery light comes on.

There were odd times where i would put it in reverse and back up for a bit and the cluster would work again and everything on my dash would light up bright.

I get 14.3-14.5 on idle at the battery with all loads (blower, defrost, and lights) and 12.4-12.7 when it is off

I have replaced the battery and alternator and the issue went away for a while then it came back after a few weeks. Idk has anyone had this same issue?

I am looking for advice on how to diagnose this.


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