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Engine tapping noise after replacing valve covers/gaskets


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Hi guys long time since I've been on.  I replaced my valve covers/gaskets recently in my 02 to deal with a leak and to try to mitigate oil consumption, and after putting it all back together I now get a tapping noise from the driver side valvetrain on cold starts.  The colder the ambient temp the louder it is.  It steadily quiets down as the truck warms up and engine sounds totally normal after about 10 minutes driving.  It is most noticeable inside the car with windows up/doors closed, can barely hear it outside the car.


So I know it's obviously something with the cams/buckets, maybe some crud got dropped in there during the repair.  I can remove the valve cover again, but my question is what should I be preparing for when I get in there?  Not really sure how to address the issue once it's all apart...


Thanks for your suggestions!



Side note: All my old followed content is gone.  was this because I was idle for too long or did something happen to the servers?

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