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Searching for WD21 Rear Window Parts


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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am currently trying to restore my 95 pathy to a reasonable respectable status.

I am having trouble locating the rear window glass run and rear quarter window mouldings. All these parts are listed as discontinued. 

Does anyone know where I can purchase the following parts or part equivalent for wd21 1995 Pathfinder? 
Part Numbers

Rear Window Glass Run

82330-83G00 Right Hand

82331-83G00 Left Hand

Also looking for the rear quarter windows moulding replacements

83814-83G00  Upper (Quarter) RH
83815-83G00  Upper (Quarter) LH
83816-83G00  Lower (Quarter) RH
83817-83G00  Lower (Quarter) LH 
Thanks for any help in advance. 


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Hey did you get anywhere?  Im doing the same and having my '91 repainted.  now I cannot find any of the run channels and stuff for the rear doors or rear glass. 

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