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Question about Nissan Pathfinder Part #54036


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Hi guys, I am in the process of installing an OME (springs and rear shocks) lift with KYB-GR2 front struts. I purchased quite a few OEM Nissan parts to switch over to my new struts, but I did not buy Part #54036 based on recommendations I received on this forum that it was likely unnecessary. However, when I removed it I saw that this rubber insert inside of it is broken (see below). My question is, is this rubber insert part# 54057?  Also, the bellows I purchased (Part # 54050-0W002) have a bump stop (which appears to be so a later addition to the original part) so I am not clear as to what the purpose of this rubber piece is or if I need to even worry about it.  Any help is appreciated. I am planning to make another order this week because due to rust, I need to purchase a lot of new hardware...ha. 



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I know this is an old post but maybe it will help someone else out if they come across this.


I changed my struts a couple days ago and I had the exact same problem. I had no idea what the rubber was. But after messing around, I believe that is the top part of the Shock Absorber Boot that just broke off. You can remove it and the new boot fits right into it.





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